Sunday, November 23, 2008

Take One

After a few years of waiting for circumstances to align, Nerdstar had her first try for a baby almost two weeks ago. I had just started my job, and then had to take some days off for the election and our trip to Jersey, so I wasn't able to be with her at the doctor's office for the insemination. I feel bad about that.

We were cautiously optimistic, hoping against reality and odds, that this first try would take. She took things easy, gave up caffeine, and we talked to her belly.

No luck this time, her period started today.

I'm a little sad. It's been such a crazy two weeks. Nerdstar was already acting like a crazy pregnant lady - it was really cute. It's weird to try to gauge how you should be feeling about something that might not even exist. Rollercoaster is the best description of our emotions.

We'll be trying again soon. I'll make every effort to be there at the doctor's this time.

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