Friday, December 12, 2008

From Dec. 2, 2003

I wrote this on my blog five years ago. What a long, and in some ways good, some ways really bad five years it's been. It's hard, exciting, frustrating, patience trying, trying to get preggers.

I was going to leave a comment in the post below to answer Emmie's comment, but then it got kinda long, figured I'd just write a new post.

Before I found out I couldn't get pregnant (about a year or so ago), I was going to have a baby that looked like me, then Nerdstar was going to have a baby that looked like her, and if we had more, we'd mix it up. Yes, I was being selfish and wanted a little girl that looked just like me.

The month she found out she was being called to active duty was the month she was going to try to get pregnant for the first time. Obviously, that's been postponed until she gets home. I've told her that she can choose whatever type of sperm she wants. Neither of us will care one bit what our kids look like. By the time we actually have any they could be blue and orange and we wouldn't care. Fortunately, even my parents don't seem to care - they just want more grandchildren any way they can get them!

It's fun to watch people when she and I go out with my nephew Zachary and she's the one carrying him or holding his hand as they walk and I'm walking behind them - people usually look at them kinda funny, look around and see me, then you can see them thinking "oh, ok." And this is in the liberal city of Austin, not small town Texas.

I know there are tons of interracial people out there, one of my good friends is Scottish/Chinese. We'd be thrilled if our daughter turned out as pretty as she is. (hi Dawn!) I just worry about all the "stupid baggage" our kids will be carrying around as kids of an interracial lesbian couple. I joke around that I won't be saving for their college, I'll be saving for their therapy - there are scholarships for college :-) If you want to know why I worry, well, read the comments on any gay parents news story over on Lucianne sometime.

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