Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Not Competing

We went to a baby shower yesterday. The first one I've been to in over fifteen years. It was fun. We got to take Ramen dog to play with a couple of other dogs. And there were two eight month olds there, a boy and a girl.

Until Nerdstar is actually pregnant or we have a kid of our own. it's always going to be hard for me to be around little kids. It just makes me sad and jealous.

But what was also interesting to see first hand is how competitive parenting has become.

Of course, I read about such things, and hear about such things, especially in this DC area, or in NYC. But it's interesting to see how pervasive and even subtle it can be. My kid did X and such and such time, when did yours?

We have lots of conversations about what kind of kid we might have - a total pink princess - what kind of parents we'll be - the name of this blog is a good clue. Yesterday we talked about hanging out with other parents, mothers to be, etc. We'll have to see how that does.

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