Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Take 4

Today was our fourth attempt at getting preggers in two years.

This time was a little different. On Monday morning she went and got an ultrasound or some such thing to see if there was an egg in there ready for action. There was. So, I had to give her a shot in the thigh Monday night to get the egg in motion. This morning we went to the doc's office for the insemination. When Nerdstar looked at the sperms under the microscope all she said was "They're tiny!" That cracked up the doc and nurse.

I was joking with Nerdstar in the waiting room that if this try doesn't take I'm going to start sending her out to bars with one of our single friends and she can get some dude drunk and take advantage of him and get knocked up the old fashioned way :-) The ladies at the doc's office almost thought that was funny.

Now we're back in the two week waiting game. There's no way to not be positive and optimistic and hopeful. But there's also no way to wish a baby into existence. And there's no way to know anything before two weeks is up.


Venomous Kate said...

Although I would never tell this to either of my kids, I've found the best way to get knocked up is to finally diet and exercise down to the size you always wanted to be, then go blow a bunch of money you can't really afford on new clothes and shoes. Boom. Pregnant.

Beth said...

That's funny.