Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Always Has Been Always Will Be

All about the food!

I put on twitter/FB we were wondering about when babies can think.... pixie answered:
@BeththePQ when it kicks after you say something it doesn't like.
Ching: Good one!
me: i replied that you're already asking it to be nice to you
Ching: why not?
me: exactly

Ching: Ask Pinhead! What does it want to eat from day to day... that would be a segment
on our podcast
me: well dear, you have 2 blogs to choose from to put that on
Ching: i know
me: :-)
Ching: what would you ask Pinhead?
me: i dunno yet

Ching: Pinhead likes all the fruits and veggies
me: oh really?
Ching: yeah
me: and you're in deep trouble if it doesn't!
Ching: it asked for more last night
me: uh huh.
Ching: so I went and had an orange.
me: i saw that.
Ching: yeah

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Unknown said...

Jo thinks about ceiling fans.