Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Week 11

Today starts week 11 of Nerdstar's pregnancy. Today was also our first appointment with the ob/gyn office. It's a pretty big practice, six or seven ob's and an NP. I think the plan is to meet a different ob at each appointment so we can meet them all and see which we prefer, but also because you never know which one will be on call when the actual delivery happens. They seemed nice enough this morning.

The doc did another internal ultrasound. Pinhead had its head at an angle that made it hard to determine just how big it is, but the arms and legs are growing in the right places and the heartbeat was at a good rate. (143 I think.) We got a print out of the ultrasound, but not a cd copy. Oh well.

So far Nerdstar hasn't had any of the usual symptoms - no morning sickness or anything. I'm really glad it's been easy for her so far.

One thing that's kinda funny is telling people I'm going to have a baby - but I'm not pregnant. Mostly people at work are the ones I've told. I only see them a few days a month, and most of them knew about Nerdstar and I, but a couple I showed the ultrasound to today didn't. Heh.

Nerdstar isn't close enough to her coworkers to let them know the news until she starts showing. And she certainly isn't out to them. (Not that they'd care, she just isn't as social as I am.) So I joke with her how at least a few will think she's just another loose woman who became a single mom! Heh.

I'm finally starting to worry a lot less. There really isn't a way to express how much I worried the first month. It was terrible.

We're still talking to Pinhead every night. Nerdstar still does food updates. It's still a very well fed baby!

Now it's really just a matter of Pinhead growing. Nothing exciting will happen until week 21 or so when we'll get to learn the gender. That and the first kick are what I'm waiting for!!

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