Sunday, February 21, 2010

18 Weeks

The biggest news is that yesterday and today we've really been able to feel Pinhead moving around! It's so cool!! Nerdstar's only gained a pound and a half so far, and so I think that lets Pinhead be closer to the outside so we can feel the little movements! Now we're just afraid we're bugging it too much by rubbing the belly and trying to see just where it's at.

The next ob/gyn apt. is early Thursday morning. It should be another short and simple one, just checking the heartbeat again and making sure the blood tests results were all ok. We assume they would have already let us know if anything was wrong, but you never know with doctor's offices.

Due to the insurance company Nerdstar's with, the ultrasound has to be done at a radiology office and not the doc's office, so we'll schedule that Thursday - hopefully for a few days later. Then we'll know everything is in all the right places and if it's a boy or girl. I think we're both at about 55/45 preferring a girl.

We talk about names, and will get a little more serious about that once we know if it's a boy or girl. We talked tonight that once you realize you don't really have family names you like, or any literary names, it's kinda hard.

So far boys names are a little easier. We like Noah Ben - Ben was her grandfather's American name. We've also gotten to where we like Maxx Lee. We saw a real dude named Sgt. Max Fightmaster and thought it was the coolest name - right up there with Moxie Crimefighter. So, we started thinking Maxx would be cool - in case he looks more tough than Noah. And Lee is the middle name of everyone in my family except me.

For girls, it doesn't seem to be as easy. For years I've liked Sunshine Joy. But even I realize that's kinda cheesy. So I've been trying to figure out what goes with Joy, with Joy as either the first or middle name. Lily Joy is pretty, but also kinda delicate. Then we joked that with the girl we might have to wait and see the girl before we can pick a name. I said, "What if she comes out and we look at her and say Oh, Shit, It's a Bertha?" (See, there's a reason it's called 2 Bad Moms!)

Once the next apt. and the ultrasound is done I'll be pretty much done worrying until we get to labor and delivery time! I'm still so extremely thankful Nerdstar's had the easiest pregnancy ever so far.

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Val said...

Good luck with the naming... hope the dr appt goes well.