Thursday, March 4, 2010

Half Way

We made it to week 20 this week. Pinhead is kinda wiggly, but still mostly a day baby. Nerdstar still hasn't gained any weight, although she has a little baby bump.

Next Friday is the ultrasound. We really can't wait for that. We're ready to know if it's a boy or a girl - and neither of us has the slightest inkling which it is.

Other than that it's still a boring pregnancy - knock wood!

I thinks it's awesome and strange and amazing that there's a little tiny person in Nerdstar's belly!! Feeling Pinhead move is just so cool.


Anonymous said...

Just talked w/Jen, our daughter, on the phone. She's still not feeling the baby move (20 weeks). Her doc says it's a position thing.

Fran and I having TONS of fun buying baby clothes and books and toys. It helps that we already know what she's having.

Beth said...

Or maybe the baby's all moving at night when she's asleep. So far Pinhead tends to be more mobile during the day when Ching's at work.

We haven't caught the shopping bug yet, but I'm sure it'll kick in soon!

Val said...

can't believe you don't want to be surprised!

But since you're finding out, you'd better share the info!

Here's hoping for a noneventful pregnancy for you both!