Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is the glamour shot

Our son's enormous penis!! Hi! This is Nerdstar, and I'm finally stepping in to make my first entry in this blog!
Why did it take so long for me to finally post something? Well, it's just that the GF's writing is so much more eloquent and has more emotions than I do, so I've basically just stepped back and let her blog.
So far, my pregnancy has been really smooth, no morning sickness, but just some more tiredness and now the ankle and feet swelling at the end of the day. My weight gain has been slow and steady, and I'm thankful for that! As the baby grows in size, I am sure that in a while I will look even more and more huge, like a beached whale in the summer sun, just like the way that I should! :-)
We cannot wait to see our little boy and play with him, have him befriend our pets, and make up all these stories with him!
Will update more as this adventure is coming along!

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Beth said...

OMG... what weight gain? You've gained two and a half pounds in five and a half months! Now, I'm glad, but there is no slow and steady so far :-)