Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 21 Ultrasound

Wow. We finally had the ultrasound today. We're at week 21 day 3, and the baby is developmentally at week 21 day 3! It weighs 1 pound.

All along we've had no clue or inkling if it was a boy or girl. But, night before last, in the middle of the night I finally decided I thought it was a boy. And it is!!

As the day has progressed I've found I'm actually a little relieved. The thought of all that pink just didn't make me happy.

The ultrasound was really cool. It took about 45 minutes and checked every part of his anatomy. We got to see his brain and it's measurements. We got a long look at his beating heart. We saw his arms and legs and feet and hands, his kidneys, she measured his stomach (like a belt around his waist). He was all comfy down in the bottom of Nerdstar's belly and for a long time had his arms crossed with his hands in front of his face. We needed him to move a little to get a better look at his spine, and he finally did, right at the end. That's good because otherwise we would have had to go back in two weeks. He even peed during the middle of it, she knew because as she was trying to look at his stomach and bladder - the bladder got a lot smaller :-)

Did I mention how cool it all was?? They didn't put the whole long thing on cd, so we have a couple of good printed pics. We'll try to get them scanned in and uploaded this weekend.

Nerdstar's sister has said for a while now she hopes it's a boy. My parents already have a grandson, so they were really hoping for a girl. When I told Mom this afternoon she just said, "well, put it back and get the right one." Heh.

The one symptom Nerdstar has had this whole time is just being more tired than usual, so we've perfected being lazy. I told her that next month we have to start getting in gear. We've got to buy a few things for the guest room so we can move the bed in the baby's room now into there, then I'm going to paint the baby's room and get it some furniture. None of it is really major, I think we both just have a hard time picking furniture and stuff. Thankfully, we do tend to have similar taste.

At least now my worrying will mostly be limited to car wrecks.


Val said...

Congrats, you guys!

Jen said...

Congrats! :)