Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At week 28

From: Nerdstar
Technically, I'll be in week 28 of this pregnancy by tomorrow, but since we've only got a couple of hours until tomorrow is here, I'm going to go ahead and count this day as the beginning of week 28.

I'm feeling generally alright, but lately, I think that I have been getting bigger and heavier. About 2 nights ago, it also became a bit harder for me to breathe while I was laying down, and I attribute it to Noah Maxx's growth pushing on some of my organs. While I have no idea how fast he's growing, I can feel him move a lot more now, as well as where in my belly he has been moving. (Basically everywhere!)

I have also been feeling the desire to take naps, and unfortunately, since I've got to work during the weekdays, I don't really have that luxury. I do try and catch up on the weekends while I still have them!

It's really neat to feel Noah Maxx move, kick, tickle, and punt in my belly! It's hard to not at least wonder what personality he has already. We have scheduled to take 3D ultrasound pictures come week 32 so we can finally get a glimpse of Noah Maxx's face as well as see how big he had gotten to be at that time. It's definitely something to look forward to! We'll be paying out of pocket but I don't think the price is too outrageous. We will post the pictures up once we are done with the ultrasound, so stay tuned!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Painting Done

We spent part of the weekend painting Noah Maxx's room. As always, taping up the edges took almost as long as doing the first coat of paint. I tried to get a lot of that done when Nerdstar was at work Friday. I had thought about doing the whole project by myself last week because I didn't have to work at either job. But I'm really glad Nerdstar helped, mostly because I'm too short to reach the top part of the walls, but also because it's more fun together. We work pretty well together, which is good.

We're really happy with the color. It's a nice mid-afternoon sky blue, not too light. Now we're looking at maybe putting a couple of clouds up. We'll see. And I really think the white furniture is going to look nice. Unfortunately, we didn't find furniture we liked at Babies R Us yesterday. But we did see some at Ikea when we got a little table a couple of weeks ago, which is funny, because I'm not normally a big fan of Ikea.

We started our registry yesterday, but I'm sure it's pretty lame. Ok, or we're lame. I know babies need lots of stuff, but we're really trying to keep things to a minimum. Plus, seriously, there are just too many choices for some things. And other things are just too lame. Just way too much pastel going on.

I'm sure we'll figure it all out eventually.

Nerdstar's still doing well. I'll try to get her to write an update!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I couldn't feel more like Noah Maxx is my flesh and blood. It's kinda neat and weird.

It first really dawned on me how much my brain was thinking he's mine when I was watching some show on genealogy and ancestry and it was more than half way over when I realized that technically, my family isn't his ancestors.

Our families are very different, especially when it comes to communication and emotions, but mine is almost more excited about us having a baby than hers is. Ever since my nephew was born almost 9 years ago, we've joked that my Mom is a granny monster, and doesn't care how she gets another grandbaby. Although when we called and told them it was a boy she said, "You got it wrong, but that one back and get another" because they were so hoping for a granddaughter this time.

I've been so blessed that pretty much from day one they've treated Nerdstar like family. My nephew calls her "MY Nerdstar". When his class at school talked about family members in the military, he took a pic of her in uniform to school. We laugh at the image of this little boy who couldn't be any more white with his strange Asian "aunt".

I also tend to forget that there's no way in this world he can look like me. In fact, we can't begin to imagine what he's going to look like because he's White/Asian, and there weren't even baby pics of the donor online. (Nerdstar didn't really realize this when she picked him.) I just know that those Chines genes are very strong, so it's not likely he'll be freckled and red-headed.

That's my little boy growing in there.

I know we're not a conventional family, but I feel like we're one. I know in some ways it'll always be weird that he doesn't have a dad. I was looking at info on getting his social security number the other day and the form asks for the numbers of both parents. (Thankfully, there's an "unknown" box you can use.) But that's when I realized it is pretty uncommon to not even know who the father is. And filling out such forms might always be weird for Noah. And while I'm sorry there are things he'll have to deal with - I'm so glad we're going to have him.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lawyering Up

We've always known that we were going to have to hire a lawyer when we had a baby. We knew when we chose Virginia over Maryland or DC I probably wouldn't have the option of second parent adoption, and we'd just have to do as much as we could legally to protect me as Pinhead's Mom. And we're still happy to be in VA and not MD or DC.

I just got off the phone with a really good lawyer, we set up a meeting for a couple of weeks from now. It's going to cost us about $2500 to do a comprehensive set of about 13 documents, wills, living wills, power of attorney, etc. Now, I know that straight couples have to do a lot of those documents as well, or at least they should. But still...

The lawyer did mention that if we could have the baby in DC, that would be much better. Um, I'm just not sure that's feasible. It's highly unlikely our ob/gyn docs would travel to DC, or even have privileges in a DC hospital. It would also be a major pain to find a DC ob/gyn - although it's not impossible. The lawyer will explain a lot more about the advantages, and I guess we'll think about it.

We're not really worried or paranoid about me not being about to do anything with/for Noah Maxx. Maybe we're just naive. But a few weeks ago we signed documents that in case of our friend getting deployed with the Army, I get her three kids. If I can legally take care of a friend's kids, I'm pretty sure I can take care of Nerdstar's and mine.

And we don't intend to live in Virginia forever. Maybe not even another five years. So, one way or another, one day I'll adopt my boy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Noah Maxx

Pixie asked how we came up with his name. I've wanted a little boy named Noah for many years. Thankfully, Nerdstar likes it, too!

So then we thought it'd be Noah Ben - Ben being her grandfather's American name.

One day I read the name Max Fightmaster (honestly a soldier's name!) And we loved it!! It's second only to Moxie Crimefighter, Penn Jillette's daughter.

We considered Maxx Lee, Lee being the middle name of everyone in my family except me.

Finally we realized with both really liked Noah and Maxx - and decided Maxx had to have 2 xs. Heh.

We're not entirely sure if we'll call him Noah or Maxx - we'll see how tough he looks when he's born. When we talk to him we call him Noah Maxx Pinhead :-)

He'll have Nerdstar's last name. She might also come up with a Chinese name for him, but her grandpa was always the one who did that, and he's no longer with us.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to the 3rd Trimester

Wow. We made it to the third trimester. Six months down, just over three to go. Nerdstar says the time has gone pretty fast, for me time takes forever. And I'm ok with it going slow now, as long as it continues to go slow in the future!

It seems like now is the time we're supposed to get in gear and get things ready. I still feel like another three months is so far away. So far we've bought him a little t-shirt that says "Cute But A Little Evil." I can't wait to buy him some wifebeaters and pose him with a little cigar. (See, there is a reason it's 2 Bad Moms.) Oh yeah, I did buy a bunch of little hangers for his closet.

I think part of why I've been waiting to get things ready is because I've been so afraid to jinx things. And then also having the thought in the back of my head that if the worst did happen I'd never be able to handle undoing what we'd done to get ready. But I'm feeling good about everything and pretty much ready to get ready. I even started a list of things we know we need.

I was going to paint his room this coming week, but Nerdstar wants to help, so we'll do it next weekend. This weekend we have to do a little moving around of stuff, the extra bed and chest of drawers to the now guest bedroom. Monday I gotta take a big box of stuff to Goodwill. Nothing major, just stuff that needs to get done before we do more. Also sometime before the end of next Sunday we'll go do a registry at Babies R Us. I thought about doing one at Target as well, but honestly, I don't like Target.

Little Noah Maxx has been really active at times, but can also be pretty mellow. From day one, when we've had our hands on the belly and talked to him, we've told him to be happy and mellow. But there have been times the past week or so we swear he's jumping rope with the umbilical cord!

More than anything we're getting to where we just can't wait to see what our little fella looks like.

For Christmas, Nerdstar had asked my Mom to make us a photo album of pics of my nephew. Because she does scrapbooking, it took her until this week to get it to us. It's so cool. Zach turns 9 next month and I can't believe how old/big he's getting. It was being around him when he was just a tiny thing that made me decide maybe having a kid wouldn't be so bad! It's amazing to see how different he looked as a baby to when he's three, then how he changes again every couple of years. He's such a cutie - and has a fantastic little evil grin sometimes.

Mostly we just hang out and feel him moving around as much as we can. Life is good.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The belly shot

At 25 weeks pregnant, I finally have grown a belly! Pardon my tacky polka dot undie! For the longest time the GF was wondering when I will finally grow a somewhat substantial belly so I would finally look pregnant. I told her to be patient, because increase in belly size could practically happen overnight, and it sort of did!

I now feel like I'm carrying a ton of bricks in my belly, not only is it getting larger, they are also very firm to the touch. Pinhead has also been growing to the point where he is now kicking me above the belly button, and sometimes quite hard too! To the point where I can see my belly "dancing"!

I cannot believe that we're more than halfway through this pregnancy! We can't wait to see the little guy and play with him! It is my hope though, that the labor will be quick and I will be able to withstand the pain...but most people tell me that I'll soon forget that, so we shall see!