Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At week 28

From: Nerdstar
Technically, I'll be in week 28 of this pregnancy by tomorrow, but since we've only got a couple of hours until tomorrow is here, I'm going to go ahead and count this day as the beginning of week 28.

I'm feeling generally alright, but lately, I think that I have been getting bigger and heavier. About 2 nights ago, it also became a bit harder for me to breathe while I was laying down, and I attribute it to Noah Maxx's growth pushing on some of my organs. While I have no idea how fast he's growing, I can feel him move a lot more now, as well as where in my belly he has been moving. (Basically everywhere!)

I have also been feeling the desire to take naps, and unfortunately, since I've got to work during the weekdays, I don't really have that luxury. I do try and catch up on the weekends while I still have them!

It's really neat to feel Noah Maxx move, kick, tickle, and punt in my belly! It's hard to not at least wonder what personality he has already. We have scheduled to take 3D ultrasound pictures come week 32 so we can finally get a glimpse of Noah Maxx's face as well as see how big he had gotten to be at that time. It's definitely something to look forward to! We'll be paying out of pocket but I don't think the price is too outrageous. We will post the pictures up once we are done with the ultrasound, so stay tuned!

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