Sunday, April 11, 2010

Noah Maxx

Pixie asked how we came up with his name. I've wanted a little boy named Noah for many years. Thankfully, Nerdstar likes it, too!

So then we thought it'd be Noah Ben - Ben being her grandfather's American name.

One day I read the name Max Fightmaster (honestly a soldier's name!) And we loved it!! It's second only to Moxie Crimefighter, Penn Jillette's daughter.

We considered Maxx Lee, Lee being the middle name of everyone in my family except me.

Finally we realized with both really liked Noah and Maxx - and decided Maxx had to have 2 xs. Heh.

We're not entirely sure if we'll call him Noah or Maxx - we'll see how tough he looks when he's born. When we talk to him we call him Noah Maxx Pinhead :-)

He'll have Nerdstar's last name. She might also come up with a Chinese name for him, but her grandpa was always the one who did that, and he's no longer with us.


Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for sharing!

You mentioned that he'll have Nerdstar's last name. Since you live in VA, you can't do a second parent adoption, right? Will they recognize any legal paperwork for Beth in case of an emergency with him? Does VA recognize any parental relationship for you (Beth) with him?

Beth said...

I sent in an initial email to a good law firm here in the area to find all of that out. Haven't heard back yet. I'll call them sometime this week and see what all we can do.