Monday, April 19, 2010

Painting Done

We spent part of the weekend painting Noah Maxx's room. As always, taping up the edges took almost as long as doing the first coat of paint. I tried to get a lot of that done when Nerdstar was at work Friday. I had thought about doing the whole project by myself last week because I didn't have to work at either job. But I'm really glad Nerdstar helped, mostly because I'm too short to reach the top part of the walls, but also because it's more fun together. We work pretty well together, which is good.

We're really happy with the color. It's a nice mid-afternoon sky blue, not too light. Now we're looking at maybe putting a couple of clouds up. We'll see. And I really think the white furniture is going to look nice. Unfortunately, we didn't find furniture we liked at Babies R Us yesterday. But we did see some at Ikea when we got a little table a couple of weeks ago, which is funny, because I'm not normally a big fan of Ikea.

We started our registry yesterday, but I'm sure it's pretty lame. Ok, or we're lame. I know babies need lots of stuff, but we're really trying to keep things to a minimum. Plus, seriously, there are just too many choices for some things. And other things are just too lame. Just way too much pastel going on.

I'm sure we'll figure it all out eventually.

Nerdstar's still doing well. I'll try to get her to write an update!


Melissa said...

We put wall decals up in Jack's room and are really happy with them. I say go for it with the clouds. One thing I recommend registering for that's been a total lifesaver for us is an Itzbeen. Can't wait to see pictures of what you've created for your little one.

Beth said...

We're gonna go find furniture in two weeks. We've got a couple of other things to put on the walls, so we'll see what space we need to fill in.

I'll check out the itzbeen.