Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to the 3rd Trimester

Wow. We made it to the third trimester. Six months down, just over three to go. Nerdstar says the time has gone pretty fast, for me time takes forever. And I'm ok with it going slow now, as long as it continues to go slow in the future!

It seems like now is the time we're supposed to get in gear and get things ready. I still feel like another three months is so far away. So far we've bought him a little t-shirt that says "Cute But A Little Evil." I can't wait to buy him some wifebeaters and pose him with a little cigar. (See, there is a reason it's 2 Bad Moms.) Oh yeah, I did buy a bunch of little hangers for his closet.

I think part of why I've been waiting to get things ready is because I've been so afraid to jinx things. And then also having the thought in the back of my head that if the worst did happen I'd never be able to handle undoing what we'd done to get ready. But I'm feeling good about everything and pretty much ready to get ready. I even started a list of things we know we need.

I was going to paint his room this coming week, but Nerdstar wants to help, so we'll do it next weekend. This weekend we have to do a little moving around of stuff, the extra bed and chest of drawers to the now guest bedroom. Monday I gotta take a big box of stuff to Goodwill. Nothing major, just stuff that needs to get done before we do more. Also sometime before the end of next Sunday we'll go do a registry at Babies R Us. I thought about doing one at Target as well, but honestly, I don't like Target.

Little Noah Maxx has been really active at times, but can also be pretty mellow. From day one, when we've had our hands on the belly and talked to him, we've told him to be happy and mellow. But there have been times the past week or so we swear he's jumping rope with the umbilical cord!

More than anything we're getting to where we just can't wait to see what our little fella looks like.

For Christmas, Nerdstar had asked my Mom to make us a photo album of pics of my nephew. Because she does scrapbooking, it took her until this week to get it to us. It's so cool. Zach turns 9 next month and I can't believe how old/big he's getting. It was being around him when he was just a tiny thing that made me decide maybe having a kid wouldn't be so bad! It's amazing to see how different he looked as a baby to when he's three, then how he changes again every couple of years. He's such a cutie - and has a fantastic little evil grin sometimes.

Mostly we just hang out and feel him moving around as much as we can. Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Noah Maxx? Love the name! How did you come up with it?