Saturday, May 1, 2010

And now....

You didn't think this blog was going to be 100% about how smooth this pregnancy has been so far, did you?

Thankfully, for the most part, my pregnancy has been obstacles morning sickness, huge upswings in weight, but as I venture into the third trimester, I am hitting some snags.

(This is the TMI part) Case in point, I think I've got my first brush with pregnancy hemorrhoid, and how I found out was as I wiped my rear from what I had thought was the conclusion of a bowel movement, there were blood (and lots of it) on the toilet paper!! Not only that, some of that blood had made its way into the toilet too. Not wanting to panic prematurely, I checked to make sure that the blood was coming from "the right place". The GF then checked WebMd to see what it is and assessed what we would do if the heavy bleeding continued...thankfully, it didn't.

Welcome to the third trimester!

It doesn't end here! Before I forget, I must tell you about the rashes which appeared on my chest, and part of my neck! I have no idea what they are, all I know is that they are itching a bit and I hope that they'll disappear soon, otherwise, I might just need to page the skin doc and see what's up.

Lastly, my "sensitive" region has been itching....and I have no idea why either. I called the ob/gyn nurse, who advised me to take benedryl for 5 days and if it's not getting better, then call back for an appointment.

Luckily, Noah Maxx is still active and wiggly despite all of my irritations. To which I hope that they'll only be temporary!

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Sarah said...

Oh the hemorrhoids. Yuck. I had them close to the end of pregnancy and asked when they'd go away. "After the birth" was the answer. Bleh. And then (here's some TMI back atcha) when I had my episiotomy, they had to sew them up! I had stitches in my hemorrhoids! Yowzers, I hope you can avoid that joy...