Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Advice Books

So far I've read two books, The Happiest Baby on the Block and then Babywise II months 5 through 15 (I think it's 15.) I have The Happiest Toddler but haven't read it, and am waiting on the Babywise infant book from the library.

In some ways these two sets of books are opposites. So it was kinda funny/brain hurting to read them back to back.

The premise of Happiest Baby for infants is that babies need a 4th trimester, but due to head sizes of humans don't get it. Therefore, for really fussy babies - and the book seems to be mostly for fussy/colic babies more so than happy ones - you need to do these 5 magic things to get them to self calm. The idea is that until about six months it's impossible to spoil the baby or set bad habits, so make the baby happy.

Babywise is all about moral development, I gather even in infants, and the parents setting the schedule and rules. It reads a little cold, but there does seem to be some good practical suggestions in there. It's written by Christians, which I suppose could annoy readers who aren't. Then again, with some of the ideas, the few Christian parts might not be the most annoying parts.

But really, until Noah Maxx is born, and we know what his personality is, there's no way to know what's going to work best for him.

Because it only took a few hours to read them both, I'd say it was worth the time.

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Sarah said...

I agree with the philosophy of reading all kinds of advice and then decide what fits you and your baby.

C responds really well to the 5 S's of Happiest Baby. That calms her right down. But I also have done a Babywise-type feeding schedule since she was born (by accident, bec I hadn't read that book yet) and that works for us too.