Sunday, May 16, 2010

The baby shower

On Saturday afternoon, we had a baby shower for Noah Maxx at a friend's house nearby. The funny thing was that the friend who had arranged everything switched the starting time of the baby shower at the last minute, from 2 to 3 PM so that there will be ample amount of time for her own little girl (her daughter is 18 months old.) to have a nap. Of course, and GF and I didn't know about this, so we showed up at her place about an hour early.

One person bailed at the last minute because she had a last minute closing on her new house, and another thought that the baby shower was at our place so she drove all the way to our place....finding it empty. She got really tired from all the traffic and decided that she didn't want to go any further. She did leave the baby's gifts at our house prior to departure though.

There were four people who came to the shower, one was a colleague from work, another was this girl that I had deployed to Iraq with, and the last two were a friend of mine from my reserve unit and his sometimes girlfriend. We chatted, had this enormous chocolate marble cake, had this really good citrus punch, and some other snack foods. Since we really don't have a lot of friends, I'm just grateful for the ones who did make it!

We didn't play silly games during the shower, which was just the way that the GF and I had intended. When our friend's baby girl got up, I went into her room and changed her and brought her out, baby Jo is such a good baby! She was friendly and receptive to everyone there! Our Ramen dog (we brought him to the baby shower, since our friend also have a dog that's pretty friendly.) was on his best behavior, getting everyone to pet him and letting baby Jo play with him.

We're really thankful for all the stuff that we had gotten at the shower! We got some of Jo's clothes, baby carrier, a baby rocker (they will be returned when our friend has her second little one.), lots of baby clothes, baby bottles, baby wash, baby shampoo, gift certificates to babies r us, and some great advice from the people from the shower written in this spiral notebook.

I was really surprised that we had gotten that many gifts for Noah Maxx! We were also amazed about how many things that a baby needs right when it's born! The reality is setting in ever so much more that, in 66 days, our little man will be here!

I will write about the rest of the weekend in my next entry, it's getting late and both the GF and I will have get some zzzzz's in before we hit work!

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