Monday, May 31, 2010

The latest, at 32 weeks and 5 days.

Hello everyone! It's Nerdstar again and we are headed towards Noah Maxx's delivery! He has been really active and his head has also been pointing southwards so that means that he's getting ready to get out of the belly. I have no idea whether or not he'll come early or later than his due date, but as long as he's healthy and delivered safely, I won't be that worried.

Am I anxious about the delivery? Of course! This is something that I've never experienced before and not knowing what my pain/discomfort threshold is, you bet I'm feeling some anxieties! We did not opt to take childbirth classes due to the fact that our hospital was not offering them and also we didn't want to go through the trouble of traveling somewhere further to get these classes. Besides, there had been plenty of babies born without the moms having been through these classes.

I've been quite lucky so far in regard to how easy this pregnancy have been. I've never had any morning sickness, had to go on bed rest, or had to be monitored closely due to medical reasons, and so most of me is expecting that Noah Maxx's delivery will be smooth too. I'm not saying that I've not had any discomfort. I have swollen ankles, bouts of low energy, and just a few weeks ago, a massive allergy attack of my skin, but really nothing that bad.

Thanks to the GF, she had been letting me take it really easy and doing most of the driving on weekends when we'd go somewhere. Not only that, she has also been doing most of the reading on childcare and education whereas I have simply been working and growing Noah Maxx :-)

Needless to say, we cannot wait to see and hold our boy!

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