Monday, May 3, 2010

Noah Maxx's Room So Far

This is the Ikea crib we put together yesterday. It was actually really easy to assemble, except that 4 of the screws were 1/4 inch too short, so we had to make a quick trip to Home Depot to get the right size. I'd rather deal with Home Depot than Ikea to get 4 screws.

We got this bumper at Ikea, too. We liked the fun animals.

The table and lamp are also Ikea. I actually put the table together by myself while Nerdstar napped.

Ok, so this is the toy box. My Dad made me this toy box when I was very, little. It's been several colors. I got the bright idea to paint it like this about 8 years ago when we first tried to have a baby. It's been an eyesore - but now it finally has a little boy's room to live in and liven up!

I had intended to get a white ceiling fan, then I saw this at Home Depot and once I got it home decided that using the four primary colors would sort of match the toy box and be kinda cool. It's all reversible, so it could be all white if necessary.

Last, but not least, this is a collection of stuffed animals I've had forever. Guess we'll see if he likes any of them.


Syd said...

Looking good!!

Anonymous said...

How great that you've got the toy box to pass down!

Beth said...

Thanks Syd!

Pixie - there's a lot of furniture items that my Dad either made for me or my parents refinished. Gosh, now that I think about it, almost all of it is one or the other.

Not sure I'd do the colors on the toy box again, but it's too much trouble to do again.

no one said...

I am loving the colors in the room! The walls make me happy! :)