Monday, May 10, 2010

Take Your Pick

We finally met with the lawyer Saturday. She's very good. She still thinks that if it's at all possible we should delivery Pinhead in DC. Apparently DC has a fairly new law that's very beneficial to lesbian couples. (It doesn't help gay men because of something to do with surrogacy that I didn't really pay much attention to.) It seems that not only can I be on the birth certificate, we can also go to a judge and get a judgment ruling me as a parent. This is helpful because all states have to honor judgments.

Ok, so that's all good. But babies don't come on schedules - and we're finding it would be so much more helpful if they did!! We don't know when to schedule family to be here. They're not coming for the actual birth, but within the first month, so that's not terrible to schedule, but still.

But it seems there's going to be four possible hospitals we could end up at. There's the one close to home that we're mostly planning on. Then there's the one close to her office in case she literally works up to the last minute. Her commute to and from work can take from an hour to an hour and a half depending on traffic. So we're also putting the one halfway between work and home in the Garmin.

Now, the closest hospital is fifteen to twenty minutes - depending on time of day and red lights.

In optimum conditions, say at 2 a.m., we could be at the hospital in DC in forty minutes. That's certainly do-able.

The problem with not delivering at the hospital closest to home is that we're 90% sure none of the ob/gyn's we've been meeting with would deliver the baby. (We're going to ask at the next appointment.) But we're also pretty sure that's ok with us. We've met with each of the different ones once so far, and it's not like we're going to be attached to any of them.

The insurance company said all four hospitals are in-network, and that yes, you don't always know where you'll end up.

So the plan for now is to get to DC if at all possible, if not - well, whichever is closest.


Anonymous said...

If you deliver in VA will there be any chance of both names on the birth certificate and/or second parent adoption?

Beth said...

Pixie - no to both.