Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Job Situation

In the past few days, Nerdstar's job situation has become kinda crazy. Being a contractor usually means no real job security. Well, there are one year at a time contracts that can be renewed. Her current job started last July, and it's always been in the back of our minds that she might not have a job to go back to after maternity leave. Yes, her contracting company should hook her up with something even if a current job ends, but you just never know what they'll have available. We don't generally worry about it too much, because there are several contracting companies in this area always looking for people. Agencies like CIA, DIA, and NSA hire tons of contractors with language/analytical skills through several big private companies in this area. There are always projects being bid on and the contracting companies are always trying to line up personnel in case they get the contract.

But, last week the government agency she's working for got serious about having some projects consolidated and re-bid by the contractors and such. Her private company informed her on Wedneday that her and the two other linguists she works with would have to take a new language test on Friday. Also, that the government was also going to start requiring a special type of polygraph test that is rarely given. Yikes. Nerdstar's always had to do the language tests for the Army, but this one is very different.

Last night after she got home from work it all started going south. Her and another linguist didn't pass their tests. She was surprised, it had a lot of science terms and she didn't have that kind of dictionary with her for the test. As for that type of polygraph - it would take months to schedule and get the results from. Her private company really dropped the ball on that part, she asked them about it a year ago and they blew it off.

So, now we have no idea how much longer she'll be working on this current project. The reason that matters is for insurance and short term disability for her maternity leave. Technically, she has to work until June 6 for short term to kick in. Ugh. How long she stays on this project is up to the government management. We have no idea what they're planning. (Yes, it sucks having two sets of managers.)

She was on the phone with a couple of the managers in her private company all last night. It seems they're really trying to work things out for her.

But, in addition to even working on this project a few more weeks - long enough for insurance and short term disability to be fine, there's the whole problem of having a job to go to after maternity leave. Again, her private company is looking for some options, but who knows what exactly will happen.

We're not overly worried yet. We know this is the life of a contractor. It's also why I was so concerned with the IRS paying up on that home buyers credit. We've known we needed to have some money saved up for this possibility.

As if all that wasn't fun enough, there's also her status with the Army. It's currently "pending discharge" and we have no idea when that will happen. Because of her language skills, she gets a decent amount of money every month being in the reserves. We don't know when that will end either. (Her last year of military service has been stupid, it would be a whole different long post.)

So with 49 days until Noah Maxx is supposed to be born, this starts to unfold.

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Syd said...

Crap. I got nervous just reading it, but I am a Champion worrier.

She doesn't need any stress right now. I hope this will work itself out quickly.