Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sedation Dentistry

I'm still a little loopy writing this, but oh well.

I hate going to the dentist. When I was in third grade they spent an afternoon pulling out six baby teeth and four permanent teeth out of the bone. They said I had Volkswagen mouth and a Cadillac teeth - just no room. Shortly after that healed, they put braces on me for two years, and then tortured me every month adjusting them. Not fun at all. Then, just as I was getting my braces off, all the cool kids were getting theirs put on.

That all lead to me pretty much only going to the dentist if/when absolutely necessary.

Now, thank God I don't get cavities. Unfortunately I have terrible gums that I tend to neglect. And it at every dentist I've been to since moving out of Austin has kinda sucked. It always feels like they're trying to punish you by being as rough as possible during cleanings.

This year I am able to be on Nerdstar's work's dental insurance and decided it was time to suck it up. I've heard the sedation dentistry commercials for years and decided to find a local one that offers it. I found a very nice lady dentist who assured me it would all be fine.

The way it works is you take a pill to help you sleep the night before, then take 3 more pills an hour before your apt. in the morning. You're pretty darn loopy, but not totally knocked out. They kept saying I just wouldn't remember what happened. Now, I've never even been drunk enough to not remember something - so that seemed weird to me.

Nerdstar has to be with me all day to keep an eye on me. And while I can remember bits and pieces of being at the dentist for almost 3 hours, I honestly don't remember much. This is really great.

I did come home and sleep soundly for another 3 hours, and walking takes a lots of concentration. I'm sure I'll be all fine tomorrow morning.

I'll have a follow up apt. next week to see if they found anything else that needs work. I know they're going to want to take out my one errant wisdom tooth. Today went well enough I just might let them.

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