Saturday, July 31, 2010


He was a little jaundiced, but he passed his test this morning to go ahead and come home. We'll take him for a repeat test tomorrow. It's going to be great to sleep in our own bed. And Nerdstar's aunt is here cooking her traditional Chinese soups and stuff for recovery.

He slept the whole car ride home and then some. We sat on the deck and let him get some sunshine, then we trimmed his nails, washed him off, brushed his hair - he already needs a haircut - and lotioned him up. He couldn't be any more handsome!!

Friday, July 30, 2010


We've had a fantastic first day. Nerdstar is obviously sore in all those places, but it's not too bad. We've all slept off and on all late last night and today. We've had some decent snacks.

He's pooped 4 or 5 times today, latched onto the breast some - but it mostly puts him right back to sleep. We gave him a little formula about 8 so hopefully he'll finally pee.

We love all that hair. But I keep asking him if he could grow all that hair on his head, and then a little on his thighs and back, why he couldn't manage to grow some eyebrows and eye lashes. Heh.

8 lbs 13 ounces sounds like he'd be a fat little thing, but he's really just long and skinny. His head and face seem kinda tiny, but his legs go on forever. His feet aren't really very big either.

It's all just so amazing. We love our little fella so much. Content doesn't even come close.

We're looking forward to going home tomorrow afternoon and having friends come and visit.

First Pics

He's just so darn cute!! Yes, he has tons of hair. He's actually pretty skinny considering his weight. He'd had his eyes open a lot just before this shot, but I think the flash got him.


Noah Maxx was born at 11:30 pm on the dot. 8 pounds 12.7 ounces. 21 1/4 inches. Him and mom are both doing great.

It was an incredibly long day, and most of it was boring. We got to the hospital at 6:30 this morning, registered at 7, IV in at 7:30. Epidural came at 3 pm, internal monitors at 8 pm. Pushing about 10/10:30. Baby out at 11:30. So very grateful that a c-section didn't end up being necessary. Mostly spent all day waiting for dilation.

Will post pics eventually.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last Pregnancy Update

We had an apt. at the hospital at 1:00 today to see if she needed the prostaglandin (Prostin) gel to soften up her cervix. They did the same fetal non-stress test we had done a few weeks ago first. Noah Maxx is doing great. She had one solid contraction in the 45 minutes or so she was hooked up. Then the doc did a check and said she's at 2 cm and fully effaced, so the gel wasn't necessary.

So, we went and had some lunch, got a couple of last things from the grocery store, and now we wait. If her water breaks or she has real contractions at 5 min. apart we'll call and head on in to the hospital. Otherwise, we get there at 6:30 tomorrow morning to induce.

24 more hours - give or take. As we've said for months now, we just can't wait to see him.

The hospital room has wi-fi, so I'll do FB/Twitter updates when I can and try to put at least a short post up here once he's out and clean and all that good stuff.

We appreciate all the prayers and good wishes. Soon the real fun begins!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


At lunch today I was talking with Nerdstar about how one disadvantage I see to being an older parent is our cynicism. We know that not everything lasts forever, that people usually disappoint you, that most things are motivated by money, etc. But it is so very important for kids to believe. To believe in fairy tales and ever after and good triumphing over evil.

So my hope and prayer is that our hearts will be changed by his. In so many ways mine already has been.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Non Update

Day 5 past due date and still nothing. We're so well rested it's not funny. The house could be cleaner, I keep doing little at a time. Also, at this rate it looks like I'll actually get to finish season 4 of The Wire. So heartbreaking.

I'm not entirely surprised he's late, but a little surprised he's this late. But I know that the minute he's born this extra week of waiting won't matter.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

When do you think?

Hi this is Nerdstar, and we are well into 3 days past Noah Maxx's due date. We know that pregnancy can last anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks. Now we've already gone ahead and scheduled for Noah Maxx's induction on next Thursday, but just in case any of you like to gamble, or are into statistics, or even have any sort of psychic connection, I'd like to have your take on when Noah Maxx will be here. It has got to be on the dates prior to next Thursday, if anyone is sensing or guessing that he'll be here prior to induction.

Here are just some of the latest "non-symptom" symptoms:

1. Noah Maxx has been really active, especially during last night, I felt he was going to puree my organs! Despite of us telling him repeatedly that he'll have a lot more room to kick around on the outside.
2. I'm still eating and drinking normally.
3. My sleep is starting to not feel so restful, due to my right hip being out of whack, baby getting heavier, and my endless trips to the bathroom, it's almost bad enough for me to consider buying some Depends.
4. I've got just a few, but not a lot of those Braxton-Hicks, at least I think that was what I felt.
5. I don't think Noah Maxx could be hanging any lower down my belly than he already is now.
6. Otherwise, I feel pretty normal, as normal as anybody 10 months pregnant living in 100+ degrees heat.

Hope these details will help/not help a least a little bit! Happy guessing!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Had our weekly ob/gyn apt. this morning. Still only dilated at 1 cm, he's in a great position and seems to be doing great, but seems to still be in absolutely no hurry. I've read boys really do need to cook a little longer, so he's got some more time. We've got the induction scheduled for early next Thursday morning, but we've got our fingers crossed he gets in motion before then.

Nerdstar's still feeling mostly good, starting to have a little more trouble sleeping, but that's what naps are for! We've been recording the Tour de France and watching it in the afternoons, it seems to be perfect for napping to.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Tomorrow is D-Day, due date. We'll see if that means much or if our little fella needs some more time in the oven.

As we're so close to the end of this part of things, I just want to say how amazingly proud I am of my Nerdstar. She's giving me the greatest gift of my life. I am grateful to God that this pregnancy has gone so smoothly for her. I know she doesn't ever really let it sink in, but I think she's been beautiful through this, my little earth mama!

I can't wait for the next stage in this journey of parenting. I'm glad we're on the same page about things, that we both hope more than anything to have fun with our boy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Juicy and Tender

While eating dinner the other night, Ramen dog was lying there in his usual "I'm so miserable" way. Nerdstar told him that very soon he'd have a new playmate that was - and I quote "juicy and tender."

I let that sink in and then told her she'd basically just told Ramen that Noah Maxx was a nice steak we'd be bringing home for him.

Today we were still laughing about it and I finally asked just what she meant by juicy. She said it had to do with him being all drooling and leaky.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 39 Update

Noah Maxx is in a great position, but still in no hurry. Will induce on 28th if nothing happens before then. Sigh.

Nerdstar is still feeling great. Yesterday was her last day of work until after Labor Day (kinda funny).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love this!

The pre-delivery "dry run" Nerdstar's Version

As some of your might know, I've had a fairly smooth pregnancy so far, going into the 38th. week, and Noah Maxx has been pretty active as far as fetal movements were concerned.

That is, until about 24 some odd hours ago. I woke up two nights ago to pay my obligatory visit to the porcelain God and noticed that he was just laying still like a hard lump in my belly, which was different than the evenings before, he'd move quite a lot overnight, while I'd feel some of it, I wouldn't feel other of his movements since I am usually a deep sleeper.

In the morning after, Noah Maxx's movements would feel less in intensity, even though he'd still move, the movements just didn't feel the same. Obviously, I got suspicious and called the ob/gyn office to inquire what might be going on. The nurse practitioner instructed me to perform the kick count test, which involved me counting the baby's movements in an one hour window after I had some food and sugary drinks. Noah Maxx passed that test, but I could still not shake that suspicious feeling. Part of the nurse's explanation for the changes in Noah Maxx's movement was that he was positioning himself properly for delivery, and there will be changes to the intensity and the frequency of noticeable fetal movements.

Later, after I had gotten home from work, the GF put her hand on my belly and also felt a difference in his movements, and there was so much of a difference that she had also gotten concerned. She then looked up some information on the internet but none of the information were really all that helpful. Some things are just not as clear when it comes to pregnancy and what it all involves.... heck, some people won't even know that they were pregnant until their babies are born!

We got to talk about calling the ob/gyn doctor on call and see what she/he recommends, and if we can't get any answers, we'd go to the emergency room and have them check Noah Maxx out.

While in bed, quietly waiting and monitoring Noah Maxx's movements (and there wasn't many) we decided to call the ob/gyn on call, and she recommended that we head to the hospital and do a non-stress fetal test. We then quickly got dressed, grabbed the hospital bag, and headed to the hospital. There was a bit of confusion about where to register, since the check-in desk at the labor and delivery ward was closed at 10 PM (we had gotten there around 11 PM, almost midnight) but thankfully they got me in after a short amount of time. The lady from the emergency room got me a wheelchair, wrist ID band, and pushed me to the labor and delivery ward. We were lead to the post cesarean section recovery room and I then got hooked up to this fetal monitor that tracks fetal heartbeats and my contractions (I don't think there were any.), and I was also given a push button that I had to push every time that I can feel the baby's movement. After about 20 minutes of monitoring, the nurse said that Noah Maxx looked great and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. That was a huge relief! I for one felt a bit like a dumbass, but I think my concern was justified. :-)

I so hope that this particular event will hopefully be the last event before Noah Maxx makes his debut... from this dry run, I found that the hospital, while an exciting place to be (I mean, just look at all of these medical shows on t.v.!) it's not conducive to getting any rest or anything similar.

Everything's Fine - the Dry Run

Our boy has been very wiggly for many, many weeks. That's a good thing. And they say as you get closer to the due date, all you can do is watch for losing the mucus plug, your water breaking, contractions, and a reduction in baby movement.

At the ob/gyn apt. last week, and the week before, they said everything looks great, and that it looks like he's in no hurry. That's ok.

About 3 a.m. early Monday, Nerdstar got up to pee and then came back to bed and said she hadn't felt him move in a while, and he just felt like a lump. Thankfully, we've got the little home fetal heartbeat monitor, so we checked and his heart sounded just fine. He moved a little, but it was just nothing like what he's been doing.

So yesterday morning she called the doc's office and they had her do the test where she has something to eat and then counts his movements for the next hour. That went fine. But all day and then into last night he just didn't feel like his normal self - there were movements, but just much more muted than all the days before.

About 11 we went to bed, and he's usually pretty wiggly around then. But last night not so much. We finally decided to call the doc's office and the on-call doc said to go ahead and go to the hospital L&D and have a stress test done. We went ahead and grabbed the packed bag just in case and headed on over.

They hooked her up to a fetal monitor for 20 minutes and his heart was really great and of course he moved around quite a bit. So we came back home. We just joked that this is our dry run to see how it goes for the real thing.

Everything is still fine. Our best guess is that he's changed positions again. He's been head down for a couple of months, which is great. But maybe now he's face down instead of face up and so we're not getting his arms and legs as much as before. Who knows. The next ob/gyn apt. is Thursday morning. Apparently it's not so much how big the movements are, just that he has so many of them within X amount of time.

I've been very good and haven't freaked out. What's funny is that in my job as a phlebotomist, I am fully aware that fear makes people grumpy. And that's what being a little scared does to me. I'm good at keeping my mouth shut and not saying stupid things. But that means I'm quiet and grumpy.

Tomorrow should be Nerdstar's last day at work. I'm happy about that.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life Keeps Changing

I spent a couple of days trying to decide if I should post this on my old blog or here. Sometimes I really miss my old blog. So much history there. (duh.) But I think this is our new blogging home.

As Nerdstar said in her last post, she'll finally be discharged from the Army on August 6th. Wow. She's been in the military in one capacity or another longer than we've been together. The hardest year of my life was the one she was in Iraq, which in a good way is now a distant memory.

You can read about our Iraq adventures here and my thoughts on being a pseudo military wife here.

This time last year is about when her separation from the Army pretty much started. Through a ton of stupid acts on the part of her chain of command, she was unable to finish a required course. It's taken them a year to finally discharge her. It was coming home early from that class that allowed us to finally get on track with having little Noah Maxx.

We got to travel to some really cool places thanks to the Army. And it's a shame the Army is losing a really good officer, but the time for being apart is finally over.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

11 more days to go...give or take.

Hello, this is Nerdstar and I thought that I'd give a bit of update on what has been going on lately.

So far, Noah Maxx is still inside the belly and being fairly active. The doctors at the ob/gyn. office are not predicting that he'll make his debut early, but then again, they are not exactly sure either. It seems like the doctors really don't know anything, that's medical science for you, educated guesses, educated, but still guesses.

I think we are ready for him to arrive, and I will let you know, of course, in retrospect, if we have somehow forgotten something!

I finally found out that my last day of work at my current project will be on next Wednesday, and I think the timing is just right. I had been thinking about taking off a few days earlier anyways. Just in case that there are a shortage of projects at my current company, I went ahead and took an offer from another company, ready for when I get back to work. Needless to say, I am not that worried, at least not right now.

I had also received my honorable discharge order from the reserves (for those of you who might not know, I've been an army reservist for quite a while now, with one combat deployment.). It's a bit of a long story that lead to the discharge, but I think it's really a blessing in disguise. With the current system of frequent, long deployments, confused (and sometimes ill-willed) leadership system, these are a few dollars and a few fringe benefits that I am willing to let go of. Kudos to those who are opting to stay with the services. It has been a crazy 14 years, and it's time to go.

For now, we're just concentrating on relaxing as much as we could, and waiting for the arrival of Noah Maxx!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

38 Weeks

Our hand me down digital camera stopped working last night. We'll go get a new one tonight.

We have out cute little Flip though.

We haven't gotten very many toys for little Noah Maxx, but I thought this one was cute - it's Nerdstar's favorite.

Here's the belly shot for this month:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life With Pets

Back on my old blog, we had a pets category. Might as well continue the tradition.

It's July 4th weekend, which means there will be fireworks/firecrackers going off for a few nights. Ramen's not a big fan of loud noises, and hates fireworks. We're even close enough to Quantico, that when they have big booms going off over there all day, he hates that.

So, tonight he went and jumped in the bathtub to stay safe. I explained that we're not in a tornado, so the tub might not help much.

He also loves to lay around with his head up against something, or in corners. I was going to try to take several different pics of him in different positions, but he hates having his picture taken, so it's been kinda hard. This one is a pretty good example.

And our dear Little Man, dumb as dirt - or as we like to call him - very Zen. Dude can hunt, though. Apparently he's ran out of moles in the backyard and has moved on to little frogs. What's funny is, he just catches them, brings them in, and drops them. He'd already lost interest in this one.

That would be fine, except that the next one he brought in at 4 a.m. and dropped for Ramen to find and play with - which naturally woke us up.

Life with pets, we call them our 3 ring circus. And now it's soon to be a 4 ring circus!