Saturday, July 10, 2010

11 more days to go...give or take.

Hello, this is Nerdstar and I thought that I'd give a bit of update on what has been going on lately.

So far, Noah Maxx is still inside the belly and being fairly active. The doctors at the ob/gyn. office are not predicting that he'll make his debut early, but then again, they are not exactly sure either. It seems like the doctors really don't know anything, that's medical science for you, educated guesses, educated, but still guesses.

I think we are ready for him to arrive, and I will let you know, of course, in retrospect, if we have somehow forgotten something!

I finally found out that my last day of work at my current project will be on next Wednesday, and I think the timing is just right. I had been thinking about taking off a few days earlier anyways. Just in case that there are a shortage of projects at my current company, I went ahead and took an offer from another company, ready for when I get back to work. Needless to say, I am not that worried, at least not right now.

I had also received my honorable discharge order from the reserves (for those of you who might not know, I've been an army reservist for quite a while now, with one combat deployment.). It's a bit of a long story that lead to the discharge, but I think it's really a blessing in disguise. With the current system of frequent, long deployments, confused (and sometimes ill-willed) leadership system, these are a few dollars and a few fringe benefits that I am willing to let go of. Kudos to those who are opting to stay with the services. It has been a crazy 14 years, and it's time to go.

For now, we're just concentrating on relaxing as much as we could, and waiting for the arrival of Noah Maxx!


H2 said...

Glad things are still going well with your jobs. That must be a relief to have your discharge from the reserves. I'd be interested to hear how that all worked out for you with the current "Dont ask, Don't tell" administration policies. (Always wanted to serve but figured that wasnt a smart idea for our family)

Can't wait to hear that Noah is here!

Beth said...

While there was lots of dumb stuff for us in Nerdstar's military career - being gay was never an issue. Maybe that would have been different if her time was all as active duty instead of reserves, hard to say.

Nerdstar said...

Just reiterating what Beth had stated, sexuality was never really an issue. Of course, it could be an issue if one chooses to be. In my civilian and my military career, the goal was to keep things professional and get the jobs done, everything else was placed lower on the ladder. I think this DADT issue will not be resolved simply by a repeal.