Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Everything's Fine - the Dry Run

Our boy has been very wiggly for many, many weeks. That's a good thing. And they say as you get closer to the due date, all you can do is watch for losing the mucus plug, your water breaking, contractions, and a reduction in baby movement.

At the ob/gyn apt. last week, and the week before, they said everything looks great, and that it looks like he's in no hurry. That's ok.

About 3 a.m. early Monday, Nerdstar got up to pee and then came back to bed and said she hadn't felt him move in a while, and he just felt like a lump. Thankfully, we've got the little home fetal heartbeat monitor, so we checked and his heart sounded just fine. He moved a little, but it was just nothing like what he's been doing.

So yesterday morning she called the doc's office and they had her do the test where she has something to eat and then counts his movements for the next hour. That went fine. But all day and then into last night he just didn't feel like his normal self - there were movements, but just much more muted than all the days before.

About 11 we went to bed, and he's usually pretty wiggly around then. But last night not so much. We finally decided to call the doc's office and the on-call doc said to go ahead and go to the hospital L&D and have a stress test done. We went ahead and grabbed the packed bag just in case and headed on over.

They hooked her up to a fetal monitor for 20 minutes and his heart was really great and of course he moved around quite a bit. So we came back home. We just joked that this is our dry run to see how it goes for the real thing.

Everything is still fine. Our best guess is that he's changed positions again. He's been head down for a couple of months, which is great. But maybe now he's face down instead of face up and so we're not getting his arms and legs as much as before. Who knows. The next ob/gyn apt. is Thursday morning. Apparently it's not so much how big the movements are, just that he has so many of them within X amount of time.

I've been very good and haven't freaked out. What's funny is that in my job as a phlebotomist, I am fully aware that fear makes people grumpy. And that's what being a little scared does to me. I'm good at keeping my mouth shut and not saying stupid things. But that means I'm quiet and grumpy.

Tomorrow should be Nerdstar's last day at work. I'm happy about that.

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