Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life Keeps Changing

I spent a couple of days trying to decide if I should post this on my old blog or here. Sometimes I really miss my old blog. So much history there. (duh.) But I think this is our new blogging home.

As Nerdstar said in her last post, she'll finally be discharged from the Army on August 6th. Wow. She's been in the military in one capacity or another longer than we've been together. The hardest year of my life was the one she was in Iraq, which in a good way is now a distant memory.

You can read about our Iraq adventures here and my thoughts on being a pseudo military wife here.

This time last year is about when her separation from the Army pretty much started. Through a ton of stupid acts on the part of her chain of command, she was unable to finish a required course. It's taken them a year to finally discharge her. It was coming home early from that class that allowed us to finally get on track with having little Noah Maxx.

We got to travel to some really cool places thanks to the Army. And it's a shame the Army is losing a really good officer, but the time for being apart is finally over.

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