Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The pre-delivery "dry run" Nerdstar's Version

As some of your might know, I've had a fairly smooth pregnancy so far, going into the 38th. week, and Noah Maxx has been pretty active as far as fetal movements were concerned.

That is, until about 24 some odd hours ago. I woke up two nights ago to pay my obligatory visit to the porcelain God and noticed that he was just laying still like a hard lump in my belly, which was different than the evenings before, he'd move quite a lot overnight, while I'd feel some of it, I wouldn't feel other of his movements since I am usually a deep sleeper.

In the morning after, Noah Maxx's movements would feel less in intensity, even though he'd still move, the movements just didn't feel the same. Obviously, I got suspicious and called the ob/gyn office to inquire what might be going on. The nurse practitioner instructed me to perform the kick count test, which involved me counting the baby's movements in an one hour window after I had some food and sugary drinks. Noah Maxx passed that test, but I could still not shake that suspicious feeling. Part of the nurse's explanation for the changes in Noah Maxx's movement was that he was positioning himself properly for delivery, and there will be changes to the intensity and the frequency of noticeable fetal movements.

Later, after I had gotten home from work, the GF put her hand on my belly and also felt a difference in his movements, and there was so much of a difference that she had also gotten concerned. She then looked up some information on the internet but none of the information were really all that helpful. Some things are just not as clear when it comes to pregnancy and what it all involves.... heck, some people won't even know that they were pregnant until their babies are born!

We got to talk about calling the ob/gyn doctor on call and see what she/he recommends, and if we can't get any answers, we'd go to the emergency room and have them check Noah Maxx out.

While in bed, quietly waiting and monitoring Noah Maxx's movements (and there wasn't many) we decided to call the ob/gyn on call, and she recommended that we head to the hospital and do a non-stress fetal test. We then quickly got dressed, grabbed the hospital bag, and headed to the hospital. There was a bit of confusion about where to register, since the check-in desk at the labor and delivery ward was closed at 10 PM (we had gotten there around 11 PM, almost midnight) but thankfully they got me in after a short amount of time. The lady from the emergency room got me a wheelchair, wrist ID band, and pushed me to the labor and delivery ward. We were lead to the post cesarean section recovery room and I then got hooked up to this fetal monitor that tracks fetal heartbeats and my contractions (I don't think there were any.), and I was also given a push button that I had to push every time that I can feel the baby's movement. After about 20 minutes of monitoring, the nurse said that Noah Maxx looked great and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. That was a huge relief! I for one felt a bit like a dumbass, but I think my concern was justified. :-)

I so hope that this particular event will hopefully be the last event before Noah Maxx makes his debut... from this dry run, I found that the hospital, while an exciting place to be (I mean, just look at all of these medical shows on t.v.!) it's not conducive to getting any rest or anything similar.


Melissa said...

How scary! It's amazing how they aren't even in the world yet and they already have a way of giving you minor heart attacks!

Beth said...

Yes, we told him that this wasn't very nice and he shouldn't worry his moms so much! :-)

H2 said...

Oh I remember being so worried about the change in movements. I swear the OB nurses probably hated me by the end. But I'm with you, there is no way I'd chance it. :)