Saturday, July 24, 2010

When do you think?

Hi this is Nerdstar, and we are well into 3 days past Noah Maxx's due date. We know that pregnancy can last anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks. Now we've already gone ahead and scheduled for Noah Maxx's induction on next Thursday, but just in case any of you like to gamble, or are into statistics, or even have any sort of psychic connection, I'd like to have your take on when Noah Maxx will be here. It has got to be on the dates prior to next Thursday, if anyone is sensing or guessing that he'll be here prior to induction.

Here are just some of the latest "non-symptom" symptoms:

1. Noah Maxx has been really active, especially during last night, I felt he was going to puree my organs! Despite of us telling him repeatedly that he'll have a lot more room to kick around on the outside.
2. I'm still eating and drinking normally.
3. My sleep is starting to not feel so restful, due to my right hip being out of whack, baby getting heavier, and my endless trips to the bathroom, it's almost bad enough for me to consider buying some Depends.
4. I've got just a few, but not a lot of those Braxton-Hicks, at least I think that was what I felt.
5. I don't think Noah Maxx could be hanging any lower down my belly than he already is now.
6. Otherwise, I feel pretty normal, as normal as anybody 10 months pregnant living in 100+ degrees heat.

Hope these details will help/not help a least a little bit! Happy guessing!


Anonymous said...

Jen said her stomach felt "off" the day before she went into labor. She said she could sense a change in her system BTW, you might want to get those Depends for after Noah is born, we had to get some for Jen, the pads the hospital gives you aren't always enough.

Good luck!

Nerdstar said...

Thanks Pixie! I will indeed get some Depends!

Jen said...

Good things come to those who wait? :)

H2 said...

Hmmmm I'll guess this Wednesday because it's always right when you've settled into knowing that you have a "set date". :) Good luck. Oh and I had Depends for after Angie's birth. Jenny McCarthy did...what a mistake. I felt like a lump on a log, like I wanted to sleep all day. (Probably not because of the Depends thought, right?!)