Friday, July 30, 2010


Noah Maxx was born at 11:30 pm on the dot. 8 pounds 12.7 ounces. 21 1/4 inches. Him and mom are both doing great.

It was an incredibly long day, and most of it was boring. We got to the hospital at 6:30 this morning, registered at 7, IV in at 7:30. Epidural came at 3 pm, internal monitors at 8 pm. Pushing about 10/10:30. Baby out at 11:30. So very grateful that a c-section didn't end up being necessary. Mostly spent all day waiting for dilation.

Will post pics eventually.


Trop said...


mute said...

Congrats, you two, well, three!
Can't wait to see him!

meridith and debra said...

so so so thrilled for you!!!