Sunday, August 29, 2010


I've always had an evil brain. It races around non-stop ninety miles an hour.

When I was in middle school and high school I played trombone in the band. In high school, I was fortunate enough to be in the jazz band. It was the one hour a day I didn't think about anything other than playing the music. By my senior year, that one hour a day probably saved my sanity, if not my life.

Several years ago, when we lived in Austin, I finally bought a motorcycle. Riding out in the hill country is fun and beautiful. Like playing music, riding takes up all my thoughts, and also seems to drive the unnecessary ones out. I don't ride very often here in the DC area, but every once in a while I'll still take it out for a ride and enjoy the blue skies and green trees.

And now, sitting and holding little Noah Maxx not only brings peace to my brain, it brings a joy to my heart.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two Firsts

Yesterday we both got our hair cut and had hoped our dude would have time to trim Noah's, but he was busy. So, we broke out the scissors and comb and I managed to trim it up some. I'm sure it doesn't look any different in the pic, but we can tell.

Then today he finally fell asleep and took a nice long nap in the swing. Before today he'd do about six minutes in it and start crying. So that's cool.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Month Pics

He's really seemed to enjoy the last couple of baths when we let him sit and enjoy the warm water. He's still not so crazy about washing all that hair!

One Month

We honestly feel like he's been with us forever. In fact, to us, he's been with us for over 11 months, he's just been on the outside for one month! I'm glad time isn't flying.

It's been a whirlwind month. Lots of visitors. I'm so glad everyone got to come and see him as a newborn. He handled it all like a trooper. He's great with anyone who holds him. And so far he's been great running errands and eating out.

We were also talking the other night about how having him is pretty much exactly what we expected it would be like. That's mostly because we're just so lucky that he's such a great little boy. He's still sleeping great at night. He eats like a champ. In fact, the only time he fusses is when he's hungry - so at least we're not always having to guess why he's not happy.

We know we're in trouble when he starts smiling at us and charming us. It melts my heart now when he smiles in his sleep.

When he's awake he's usually pretty happy to just "sit up" on one of our laps and look at us or look around. He's not crazy about the swing, he'll still spend about five minutes in it and about five minutes doing "tummy time." I feel bad we're not entertaining him more, but he seems so content. And we're pretty content just staring at his adorable little face. We read him Pooh stories sometimes. I need to take some of the Seuss books downstairs, they have the better illustrations for him.

It's fun trying to keep everything we need for him within reach - bibs, pacifier, a book.

My favorite thing is when he wakes up and I unswaddle him and he spends the next couple of minutes just stretching all he can - it's so cute.

The pets have mostly taken it well. Thankfully Ramen dog isn't into toys, so he doesn't bother the few things Noah has. The girl cat acts like he's not even around, which is typical for her. I think the boy cat has been the most affected, but that could also be because we moved their "door" from downstairs in the laundry room to upstairs in the kitchen. Ramen will usually go and see what's up when Noah cries, but sometimes he's just too worn out to bother!

We know it can't go this smoothly forever. But I'm more grateful to God than words can express that's it's go so well so far.

It's bath night, so I'll try to get a pic later.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nights and Days

Our little fella is all of 3 weeks old. It seems like an eternity. We were trying to imagine what a whole year will feel like!

He's still sleeping fantastic at night. One night there was even a 7 hour stretch of him sleeping. Usually it's still in 4 hour blocks. Days have become a different story. He's awake more and I'm not sure he's happy about that. We do about four minutes of swing time, four minutes of tummy time, a few minutes with one of his toys. I think he wants to be moving around on his own. But mostly, he wants to sleep on my tummy. At night he sleeps just fine swaddled up on his back. During the day not so much.

Still screams through most diaper changes. Still hates baths - although he hasn't had that many to get used to them yet.

But he's as adorable as ever. There are still lots of quiet times holding him when we're both just quiet and hanging out together. Those times almost bring tears to my eyes.

Hopefully Nerdstar will do an update soon. Her sister will be in town the next 3 days, though, so we'll see.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Pics

Just chillin.

Punk hair! It's so not intentional!

Grumpy face!

And I finally got to add the new sticker!

Monday, August 16, 2010


He's a little scrunched up here, he's propped up on Nerdstar's legs. He's often got his arms out and about, sometimes it looks like those ballet poses. Oh yeah, and we love his little man boobs.

I love his cute little feet. When he's breastfeeding, I'm usually on the side where his feet are dangling and I always rub and play with them.

Big Boy Big Day

He's two weeks and 4 days, but today was his "two week" ped appointment. We pretty much found out what we already knew, he's a big, skinny, strong boy. His height is 73% and weight 76.4%. He's gained a pound since his birth weight. He's already pretty good at holding up his head a little and wiggling all over the place.

After the ped apt. we went to Red Lobster for lunch. Yum. We're not so great at the home cooking, and having to find something to eat in this house three times a day isn't always fun. But, we're getting better at it. As if that wasn't enough fun for one day, we then took him to Walmart with us.

I can't tell you what a good baby he is. The couple of times he cried in his car seat in the restaurant or wally world, we just had to hold or carry him for a few minutes and he calmed down and usually went back to sleep. When he's awake he just looks out into whatever it is he looks at and is so calm.

He's eating and sleeping on a pretty good schedule. During the day he usually eats every 3 to 4 hours, and at night he eats about 11 pm, 3 am and 7 am. This has allowed us to stay fairly well rested.

We (ok, probably me) almost feel guilty - but more than that we feel so very lucky. And we love him so very much.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rain Songs

It was pouring rain this morning and Noah was sharing some fantastic awake time with us, so I thought, hmmmm, what little songs about rain do I know. Um, couldn't remember all of the lines to any. Not "it's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring", not "itsy bitsy spider", nada. I haven't even been able to remember what the heck all five little piggies do.

Thank God for google! Now, if only I could order a better singing voice on amazon.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Of course, now that I've talked about him online, he's pooped two days in a row. Today's didn't even seem to bother him.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two weeks- the run down

Exactly two weeks ago little Noah was making his way into the world. It seems like an eternity ago - like he's always been with us. I think that's the sleep deprivation talking!

Today was his first sorta fussy day. Apparently he's a tight ass and does not like to poop. Today was the first day after riding himself of all that "first poop" that he pooped unassisted. It made him cranky all day. We sure hope he gets used to it soon.

Other than that he's still simply amazing. We can't get over how downright adorable he is. I know we're in real trouble when he can smile at us - I'm not sure we'll ever tell him no. (Ok, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to, but Nerdstar - not so much.)

We're going to continue the breast feeding and the formula supplements. He seems happy with both.

He generally sleeps like a champ at night. We feed him around 10 or 11, then around 3 or 3:30 then he wakes up about 7:30 a.m. We knock wood this keeps up.

He's starting to spend more time awake during the day. That's cool! We've read him some Dr. Seuss and Pooh so far. He seems to like them. But really, he's always so chill and quiet and serious looking.

Anytime we've had to take him places, he sleeps in the car, and usually through us grabbing a quick lunch. He was great with my family, never cared who was holding him.

We mostly chalk it up to be very, very lucky. And I often wonder how long this good life can last. I spent ten months of him in Nerdstar's belly, rubbing her belly telling him to be mellow and happy. So far, he couldn't be more mellow. I just hope he's happy!

First Bath

I'd say it went pretty well. Not sure what he'd say about it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

After almost 2 weeks....

Hello everyone! Nerdstar here and I just wanted to do a bit of my own update since Noah Maxx was born.

For starters, he is so cute that I'm still finding it hard to believe that he's at least one-half of me! While the GF's parents were here (they just left early this morning), her parents had as much of bonding time as possible with Noah Maxx. He was such a good baby and didn't fuss when it came to being held by people that he didn't know.

However, I am not so sure that hosting a family while we are still trying to get to know Noah Maxx, his schedules and other tendencies was such a good thing. Throughout the GF's family's visit, I was mostly tired and the effect of it was quietness. The GF tried her best to show her family around town a bit and made sure that they've got what they needed when it came to meals and everything. Now you know how family can be, in all its good and bad, and I think in times like this the good and the bad just seem to magnify themselves a bit more. Nevertheless, I am glad that her family got to meet the baby!

So far, Noah Maxx has been starting to cluster feed some, and we're feeding him with both formula and breastmilk. We suspect that he has a clogged tear duct in his left eye, and have been "spot treating" it with breastmilk, since it's got sufficient amount of germ killing antibodies, the GF found that out on the internet. Now only if he can produce poop like he should be, if you remember the GF talking about it a few entries ago, Noah Maxx has been having some trouble pooping, and that was why we have been feeding him both formula and breastmilk so he'll eat enough. Earlier today, after about 39 hours since his last poop, we finally had to get glycerin suppositories for him so hopefully, he'll be able to poop soon. Let me tell you! Inserting anything in the rectum is not my cup of tea!

I'm really looking forward to be spending a few quieter days with the GF and Noah Maxx before I'll have to drag my ass back to work. I got a few extra days of maternity leave time thanks to the fact that Noah Maxx was born a week late.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bumps and Family

It's been a little crazy since the last update. Noah's still amazing. He's eating pretty much every 3 - 3 1/2 hours. But, he stopped pooping Monday night, so we took him in to the doc yesterday morning. A little q-tip up the butt seems to have helped. Which is great because we really didn't want to put suppositories up there!!

We've had some trouble with breastmilk coming in enough. We had a lactation consultant come by, and while she was mostly helpful, it also felt a lot like a sales job. Ugh. The doc yesterday said to keep up with the boobs and to add in an ounce or so of formula with the feedings to keep him gaining weight and pooping. That seems to be working well. We're not picky as long as he eats enough.

It's a little hard adjusting to sleeping in two hour segments. We both sleep much better in the mornings, but this is morning number 2 we've had to get up instead of getting to sleep in. Again, thank God for naps!

Last night I felt a weird bump on the back of his head, so this morning while I go pick my family up from the airport, Nerdstar will take him back to the doc just to check it out. I know their little skulls are still forming, but better safe than sorry where heads are concerned.

I'll do a quick update about the bump when I can.

UPDATE: Apparently the bump is a lymph node and is fine, we just have to make sure it, or others, doesn't get any bigger. The joy of parenting is all the unknowns - and there is no "normal" really.

It's been a good, long day.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 1

Well, we're on day five and so far it's been wonderful. He's our handsome little fella, and is as mellow as can be. I spent ten months rubbing her belly and talking to him and telling him to be happy and mellow. So far so good :-)

The doc said his jaundice is better. He loves to sleep more than anything, even eat. He sleeps very soundly and wakes himself up a lot less if he's swaddled. He's been awake 3-5 hours a day I'd say. He just lays in our lap and stares out at everything as quiet as can be.

We were doing formula supplements due to the jaundice and dehydration of the first couple of days. Nerdstar's milk finally came in last night, now if he can just stay awake long enough to drink it. She's finding her breasts kinda painful. We've got a lactation consultant coming in the morning just to get a better handle on how it all works over time and how to take care of the boobs.

The cats seem pretty resigned to his presence. For the first couple of days they lived out on the deck, but they've come back indoors. Our friends were keeping Ramen for us and brought him back home today. I think he's going to do just fine with Noah.

Nerdstar's healing pretty well. I try to make sure she does all she's supposed to for herself. I have no idea how new moms without help take care of themselves and their babies.

Speaking of help. Ugh. Nerdstar's aunt showed up Saturday not long after we got home from the hospital and took over the kitchen. She spend all day for 3 days cooking all sorts of Chinese soups and stuff for Nerdstar to eat for the next two or three weeks. I'm sure it's all very healthy, but boy did it stink up the house! So while that's the good part, her overbearing personality makes it hard to have her around. At least when she nags and such it's in Chinese and I don't understand a work. That's always been for the best.

Evidently, there are "ancient chinese secrets" to recovering after giving birth. It mostly consists of doing nothing for a month, eating lots of hot things, and absolutely avoiding anything cold. Nerdstar was under strict orders not to drink anything cold, to not open the fridge or freezer, and to not run any fans in the house. Um, yeah.

We're learning just how much naps are our friends. I've felt pretty rested so far, Nerdstar maybe a little less so. I've made her go nap now.

I'm amazed at just how content I am. I love holding him and watching his face. I love all his little clothes. I just love him. He's just perfect.

Sunday, August 1, 2010