Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bumps and Family

It's been a little crazy since the last update. Noah's still amazing. He's eating pretty much every 3 - 3 1/2 hours. But, he stopped pooping Monday night, so we took him in to the doc yesterday morning. A little q-tip up the butt seems to have helped. Which is great because we really didn't want to put suppositories up there!!

We've had some trouble with breastmilk coming in enough. We had a lactation consultant come by, and while she was mostly helpful, it also felt a lot like a sales job. Ugh. The doc yesterday said to keep up with the boobs and to add in an ounce or so of formula with the feedings to keep him gaining weight and pooping. That seems to be working well. We're not picky as long as he eats enough.

It's a little hard adjusting to sleeping in two hour segments. We both sleep much better in the mornings, but this is morning number 2 we've had to get up instead of getting to sleep in. Again, thank God for naps!

Last night I felt a weird bump on the back of his head, so this morning while I go pick my family up from the airport, Nerdstar will take him back to the doc just to check it out. I know their little skulls are still forming, but better safe than sorry where heads are concerned.

I'll do a quick update about the bump when I can.

UPDATE: Apparently the bump is a lymph node and is fine, we just have to make sure it, or others, doesn't get any bigger. The joy of parenting is all the unknowns - and there is no "normal" really.

It's been a good, long day.


Melissa said...

I know this might sound weird but my midwife suggested it and it helped me bring in my milk and increase supply. I drank a beer and it seemed to do the trick. There is something in beer that helps. The darker the better. I had a Guinness. I also drink Mother's Milk Tea which you can find at the grocery store in the tea section.

It sounds like you all are doing well! And little Noah is thriving :)

Nerdstar said...

I love Guinness! There are also these foods to which, according to ancient Chinese medicine, helps to bring about milk...but some of these ingredients are hard to find and harder to prepare.