Friday, August 20, 2010

Nights and Days

Our little fella is all of 3 weeks old. It seems like an eternity. We were trying to imagine what a whole year will feel like!

He's still sleeping fantastic at night. One night there was even a 7 hour stretch of him sleeping. Usually it's still in 4 hour blocks. Days have become a different story. He's awake more and I'm not sure he's happy about that. We do about four minutes of swing time, four minutes of tummy time, a few minutes with one of his toys. I think he wants to be moving around on his own. But mostly, he wants to sleep on my tummy. At night he sleeps just fine swaddled up on his back. During the day not so much.

Still screams through most diaper changes. Still hates baths - although he hasn't had that many to get used to them yet.

But he's as adorable as ever. There are still lots of quiet times holding him when we're both just quiet and hanging out together. Those times almost bring tears to my eyes.

Hopefully Nerdstar will do an update soon. Her sister will be in town the next 3 days, though, so we'll see.

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Unknown said...

Excellent! Jo slept like that- I wish you all the ease we had with her sleeping (knock on wood). She went from 5 hour stretches pretty seamlessly into all night. I remember we took her to the Dr. to see if we should wake her up to feed her. How much does he weigh now? I want to come visit Sunday, though I have to figure out my bro's schedule, too.