Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Month

We honestly feel like he's been with us forever. In fact, to us, he's been with us for over 11 months, he's just been on the outside for one month! I'm glad time isn't flying.

It's been a whirlwind month. Lots of visitors. I'm so glad everyone got to come and see him as a newborn. He handled it all like a trooper. He's great with anyone who holds him. And so far he's been great running errands and eating out.

We were also talking the other night about how having him is pretty much exactly what we expected it would be like. That's mostly because we're just so lucky that he's such a great little boy. He's still sleeping great at night. He eats like a champ. In fact, the only time he fusses is when he's hungry - so at least we're not always having to guess why he's not happy.

We know we're in trouble when he starts smiling at us and charming us. It melts my heart now when he smiles in his sleep.

When he's awake he's usually pretty happy to just "sit up" on one of our laps and look at us or look around. He's not crazy about the swing, he'll still spend about five minutes in it and about five minutes doing "tummy time." I feel bad we're not entertaining him more, but he seems so content. And we're pretty content just staring at his adorable little face. We read him Pooh stories sometimes. I need to take some of the Seuss books downstairs, they have the better illustrations for him.

It's fun trying to keep everything we need for him within reach - bibs, pacifier, a book.

My favorite thing is when he wakes up and I unswaddle him and he spends the next couple of minutes just stretching all he can - it's so cute.

The pets have mostly taken it well. Thankfully Ramen dog isn't into toys, so he doesn't bother the few things Noah has. The girl cat acts like he's not even around, which is typical for her. I think the boy cat has been the most affected, but that could also be because we moved their "door" from downstairs in the laundry room to upstairs in the kitchen. Ramen will usually go and see what's up when Noah cries, but sometimes he's just too worn out to bother!

We know it can't go this smoothly forever. But I'm more grateful to God than words can express that's it's go so well so far.

It's bath night, so I'll try to get a pic later.

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