Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rain Songs

It was pouring rain this morning and Noah was sharing some fantastic awake time with us, so I thought, hmmmm, what little songs about rain do I know. Um, couldn't remember all of the lines to any. Not "it's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring", not "itsy bitsy spider", nada. I haven't even been able to remember what the heck all five little piggies do.

Thank God for google! Now, if only I could order a better singing voice on amazon.


Anonymous said...

I hear you can get that singing voice on iTunes. ;)


meridith said...

I've been telling fairy tales to RR but usually they end up being a mish mash of several. You'd be surprised at how many stories feature a big bad wolf.

Beth said...

We've had an iPod loaded for him for months. It's got a lot of instrumental stuff for sleeping. It also has a TON of children's songs, in English and Chinese. Those are too obnoxious for now.

Ching's going to be much better with the making up of bedtime stories, but they're very rambling and not related to any known stories, which is cool.

Mostly we just tell him how handsome and sweet he is.