Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two weeks- the run down

Exactly two weeks ago little Noah was making his way into the world. It seems like an eternity ago - like he's always been with us. I think that's the sleep deprivation talking!

Today was his first sorta fussy day. Apparently he's a tight ass and does not like to poop. Today was the first day after riding himself of all that "first poop" that he pooped unassisted. It made him cranky all day. We sure hope he gets used to it soon.

Other than that he's still simply amazing. We can't get over how downright adorable he is. I know we're in real trouble when he can smile at us - I'm not sure we'll ever tell him no. (Ok, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to, but Nerdstar - not so much.)

We're going to continue the breast feeding and the formula supplements. He seems happy with both.

He generally sleeps like a champ at night. We feed him around 10 or 11, then around 3 or 3:30 then he wakes up about 7:30 a.m. We knock wood this keeps up.

He's starting to spend more time awake during the day. That's cool! We've read him some Dr. Seuss and Pooh so far. He seems to like them. But really, he's always so chill and quiet and serious looking.

Anytime we've had to take him places, he sleeps in the car, and usually through us grabbing a quick lunch. He was great with my family, never cared who was holding him.

We mostly chalk it up to be very, very lucky. And I often wonder how long this good life can last. I spent ten months of him in Nerdstar's belly, rubbing her belly telling him to be mellow and happy. So far, he couldn't be more mellow. I just hope he's happy!

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Melissa said...

He sounds like a very happy baby! Jack hated pooping until he was about 6 weeks old.