Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 1

Well, we're on day five and so far it's been wonderful. He's our handsome little fella, and is as mellow as can be. I spent ten months rubbing her belly and talking to him and telling him to be happy and mellow. So far so good :-)

The doc said his jaundice is better. He loves to sleep more than anything, even eat. He sleeps very soundly and wakes himself up a lot less if he's swaddled. He's been awake 3-5 hours a day I'd say. He just lays in our lap and stares out at everything as quiet as can be.

We were doing formula supplements due to the jaundice and dehydration of the first couple of days. Nerdstar's milk finally came in last night, now if he can just stay awake long enough to drink it. She's finding her breasts kinda painful. We've got a lactation consultant coming in the morning just to get a better handle on how it all works over time and how to take care of the boobs.

The cats seem pretty resigned to his presence. For the first couple of days they lived out on the deck, but they've come back indoors. Our friends were keeping Ramen for us and brought him back home today. I think he's going to do just fine with Noah.

Nerdstar's healing pretty well. I try to make sure she does all she's supposed to for herself. I have no idea how new moms without help take care of themselves and their babies.

Speaking of help. Ugh. Nerdstar's aunt showed up Saturday not long after we got home from the hospital and took over the kitchen. She spend all day for 3 days cooking all sorts of Chinese soups and stuff for Nerdstar to eat for the next two or three weeks. I'm sure it's all very healthy, but boy did it stink up the house! So while that's the good part, her overbearing personality makes it hard to have her around. At least when she nags and such it's in Chinese and I don't understand a work. That's always been for the best.

Evidently, there are "ancient chinese secrets" to recovering after giving birth. It mostly consists of doing nothing for a month, eating lots of hot things, and absolutely avoiding anything cold. Nerdstar was under strict orders not to drink anything cold, to not open the fridge or freezer, and to not run any fans in the house. Um, yeah.

We're learning just how much naps are our friends. I've felt pretty rested so far, Nerdstar maybe a little less so. I've made her go nap now.

I'm amazed at just how content I am. I love holding him and watching his face. I love all his little clothes. I just love him. He's just perfect.


Anonymous said...

Jen had to work with a lactation consultant too, she was experiencing severe pain while nursing. She finally ended up needing to use the Medela nipple shields for a while.


Sarah said...

Tell Nerdstar to stay on top of the nursing pain! Seriously! If it's still hurting, get help again. And again. And again. I had severe pain for the first nine weeks of nursing because I kept thinking the next time would be better, that I could fix it. It was awful. I don't want anyone else to experience that!