Thursday, September 30, 2010

9 Weeks

Our poor boy had his 2 month check up today and his first set of shots. He did great getting his shots, only cried for a minute and then was fine. I swear this kid is going to be all - ok, you can cut my fingers off, just don't make me late for dinner!

He now weighs 13 pounds 10 oz. Chunky. He's 23 1/2 inches long.

We're well into week 2 of me being a SAHM while Nerdstar gets into her new job. While this is certainly the most tiring job I've ever had, it's also the best. I've never been a "baby person." I don't love babies in general. I'll probably like yours if I know you, but have never oohhhed and awwwed over them. I always said if I had a kid, I wouldn't mind starting out with it once it could walk and talk. Nerdstar's just the opposite, she likes them at this age and would hand them over at the age I prefer.

So, here I am at home with this absolutely adorable little boy - and in some ways I think we're both bored. He can't sit up yet. He can't play with toys. He doesn't really care about story time. He does "talk" a lot. When I read him stories he usually babbles along more than he listens. He's not into music, which is just as well for the poor thing, neither of his mothers can sing. He does love to be held so that he can stand on his legs, or so that he can sit up and look around. Thankfully, he still likes the swing and will nap in it. He still sleeps fantastic at night, but isn't too interested in naps during the day. I still get the feeling he's just waiting until he can be mobile. He's not hyper or restless or anything, just not into laying around. I'm so glad the warm weather will return at just the right time for him in the spring.

One thing I wish we'd done before he got here was to learn how to go to bed early. We've both been night owls our whole lives. It's very hard to adjust our bedtime from 11 pm or later to even 10, much less the 9 pm we should be going to bed. I guess enough of these early mornings will eventually reset our clocks.

He's still the cutest, sweetest little thing we've ever known. We can't believe he's only been on the outside with us for two months, it's like he's been a part of us forever.


Val said...

Love reading the updates... It sounds like he's getting you guys trained just fine!

Sarah said...

I completely relate to the boring aspect of SAHM-hood. But it will get more fun once he can sit and play on his own, or at least it did for me. And I hear it gets even better once they can understand words and do things like "give me five" or clap.

Beth said...

I know so many people love babies when they're little, not me so much. I like better when they can move around and play. But, we get closer to that everyday!