Friday, September 3, 2010

Dealing With Idiots

I don't understand how hard it is for some people to simply do their job. Ugh. And really, I'm writing this on behalf of poor Nerdstar, who's actually having to talk with these people all the time.

We had forgotten that the hospital put the wrong date on his "proof of birth" letter, and since we sent in the forms for his birth certificate the other day, figured this wouldn't matter. Then her HR wanted something proving he was born so they could add him to her insurance, so she faxed that little letter off not even thinking about the wrong date, until they called and said, um, nope, that won't work. Of course, the lady at the hospital who can fix this mistake (as opposed to all the people who work there who apparently can't fix the mistake) is out today, and only works part time anyway. This wouldn't be such a big deal if there wasn't a $270 bill from the ped. office waiting to be re-filed with the insurance company. Plus, once we get his birth certificate, if it's wrong it's $10 to get it fixed. Ugh.

But the real winners in the idiot department are the folks at the disability company. Nerdstar's having to play middle man between them and the doctor's office billing dept. For reasons completely unknown, and in spite of calling her almost every day up until he was born, to see if he was born yet, they can't seem to get right his actual delivery date and when benefits should have started, as opposed to when they seem to have arbitrarily started them, etc. And the doctor's office wants no part of finding whatever form they sent out in July and dealing with any of it.

Add in complete uncertainty regarding her current job and either of two other job prospects and constantly changing requirements for said jobs, well, lets say we're not having a lot of fun on this front either. We had been planning on her starting a new job on the 20th of this month. That's now looking a lot more iffy. They're going to have her take a language test, and we're just praying it's not the same one she failed at her last job. (There are several different language tests for her type of work.) While I'm thrilled to have her home for as long as possible, financial uncertainty is never fun.

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Sarah said...

Wow, is my old fertility clinic handling your birth certificate?

Good luck...