Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Future Foodie

We've had our suspicions that Mr. Noah might be a foodie, other than the only time he cries is when he's hungry. He couldn't care less about wet diapers or being tired, just hungry. Then there's the fact that he often wakes up just as we're actually about to eat. Not just when we're cooking, or if we're at a restaurant, waiting for the food, nope when we're just about to start eating. Like if he can't have the good stuff, we can't either.

Yesterday, Nerdstar brought home an ice cream sandwich for me and a cone for her. He sat on my lap and watched me eat just about every bite of the ice cream sandwich. Then Nerdstar sat down next to us to eat her cone. Now, he's starting to track things with his eyes, but boy oh boy, you should have seen him track that ice cream cone when she moved it back and forth for him. I told her it's a good thing he couldn't lunge for it!

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Sarah said...

Mine's the same and took to solid foods the second we gave it to her. She loves it. I hope your kiddo is the same; solids are fun!