Thursday, September 9, 2010

Six Weeks

Our little Noah is six weeks old today. And I know I use the word adorable all the time, but he is truly so very adorable. He's "talking" to us and smiling sometimes - although he smiles the most and the biggest as he's falling asleep. If we only knew what he was dreaming of.

We put him in his bed last night while he was mostly awake and he put himself to sleep, that's cool. He's on a decent schedule for eating and sleeping, in that we couldn't be any luckier. He had a rough time of it last night, not sure if it was gas or constipation, but even in his fussiness he would calm down and sleep a little while I held him.

I find it fascinating that it takes babies so long to trust us. That he cries every time he wakes up and is hungry and doesn't stop until the boob or bottle is actually in his mouth, even picking him up isn't enough for him to know food is coming.

It's nice that he can see better. He's still not crazy about tummy time, but he'll lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling fan. I put him on his back on the floor this morning and he wiggled and stretched and had a good time. We don't want to buy one of those little things babies lay in that have the toys over it because I think he's too wiggly and will outgrow it too soon. So we're trying to find a way to hang some toys across his crib - it's got lots of room for him to wiggle and would be a good height for him to reach out to when he starts doing that. He finally paid a little attention to the mobil this morning and seems to like looking at the bumper in the crib. I can't find anything I like, so I think I'm going to get a stick to put across the crib and then find some neat toys to hang from it. I'd love any suggestions.

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