Thursday, September 2, 2010

So Far

Today he's five weeks old. So far he's like his mama Nerdstar.

He loves to eat, or at least, the only time he cries and then screams is when he's hungry. Other than that he's not fussy. She said she doesn't cry when she's hungry, but I said she would if someone else was in charge of her meal times! She's still complaining that after being in labor for around 17 hours, the first thing the nurses told her was that she missed dinner and all they had was crackers and ginger ale.

He loves baths. He loves to just lounge in his little plastic bath tub and let us run the warm water over him. He's even starting to like having his hair washed. It'll be fun when he can sit up and sit in a bigger tub and splash around!

He's still so mellow. When he's awake he still prefers to just sit on our laps and stare into space. Nerdstar can do quite well at staring into space.

And, of course, to me they're both just so, so, so cute.

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