Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From Nerdstar

Hello everyone! Long time no see! With Noah Maxx now at almost 3 months old and me back at work, I have not been really prompt with new updates.

As the GF had already written before, you all know the story to the breaking of my left ankle, so I will not retell the story again. All I can say is that I am glad that it wasn't worse, but mostly I am glad that Noah Maxx wasn't hurt during the fall!

Speaking of Noah Maxx, he has been an absolute joy to be around! He seems to be reaching a new milestone in development every single time! The ways that he smiles at me while I'm changing him or saying hi to him are simply too "cute overload" for me!

That the GF has been more than great at taking care of him and myself (now that I'm sort of an invalid) simply tells me that she is one of these people with the "mom" genes already in her!

We will hopefully post some more pics of Noah Maxx in his daily life soon! Oh, before I go, the only comment that I've got about work is that it has been boring so far.... I'd really rather be around Noah Maxx and the GF!

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