Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun 12 Hours

Ahhh, finally, Friday night. I can relax, let Nerdstar take over most of the Noah duties and spend some good time with him. I was all set to cook some oven roasted chicken and jasmine rice, bathe the kiddo, and then watch the Rangers beat the Yankees in Game 1.

None of that happened. The chicken didn't defrost in time to have it for dinner, so we ordered Chinese and saved the chicken for lunch today. Noah fell asleep before Nerdstar got home from work, and then slept through bath time.

And the Rangers lost ugly. I was optimistic, but knew they'd scored too early and had a feeling their pitching wouldn't hold up.

I had put Noah down in his crib upstairs about 6 thinking he'd wake up in a couple of hours to eat before being down for the night. Nope. Little Fella slept until 4 a.m. That would have been a perfect chance for us to get caught up on sleep, except I stayed up watching the game thinking that Nerdstar would take care of him in the morning while I slept a little. Then, we could have slept great with him not waking up between midnight and 2. Nope. I kept waking up in anticipation of him waking up, and because he was upstairs I think we were a little more worried about him.

Then, when he finally woke up about 4 a.m., Nerdstar went up to get him and his bottle. She fell down the last couple of stairs, carrying him. He's fine, didn't even get scared and cry or anything. Her ankle swelled up pretty much right away. We got ice on it and wrapped it up. Noah ate and we all got to sleep some more.

He woke up about 7, 7:30 and her ankle was a wreck. She headed off to the emergency room while I did our normal morning routine.

She's called and let me know her ankle is actually fractured in two places. They've put a temp cast on it and given her information on an orthopedist to see soon.

You just never know what's going to happen!

Updated: Oh, and because all of that wasn't enough fun, I forgot to add the part where the cats threw up in two different spots and pooped in Noah's room. They have issues with the pet door that was installed a couple of months ago. They'll come back in it just fine, but one of them wants me to hold it open for her to go out it. Um, yeah, no. So I'm in the process of taking away their litter box. Fights with pets are fun.


Val said...

Yikes Beth! You really are having a LOT of fun. But not As much fun as nerdstar!

Hope it calms down...that you get some sleep tonight. And it seems that the yankees are trying to be dramatic again, but you just never know.

Ann said...

Oh no, poor Nerdstar! I feel her pain, I broke my foot in 3 places five weeks ago, and have about 3-6 more weeks in my cast. Hope the ortho gives her a good report, and no surgery needed. Is she weight bearing or non weight bearing right now?

beth said...

Ann - I miss your blog updates! How did you break your foot? How's the grandbaby??

Ching's hobbling around ok. Hopefully she can se the ortho tomorrow.

Val - Go Rangers :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor Nerdstar! That totally beats my broken toe. Hope she heals quickly. (And that the cats stop leaving extra presents.)

Ann said...

I was going to just stay with Twitter instead of blog, but then when I had to change name one more time to change emails, no one followed, so I figured why bother.

I fell in the kitchen... wet shoes from taking trash out to the curb + ceramic tile kitchen floor = slippery like ice. I just went down and it heard one of the break areas snap.

Asher is sooooo adorable, 15 weeks old this week, I think. He babbles, smiles, spits up like crazy, and has outgrown his 0-3mos. clothes for the most part. The kids are in NM right now for Matt's training, then around the holidays going to NV for next assignment. Thank goodness for Skype!

Beth said...

Ann - I knew you changed names on twitter once, missed the 2nd change, sorry!!

Noah is in 3-6 month clothes. I was sad there were some cute outfits he didn't wear because of size/temperature being off. Oh well, we're learning how to buy him clothes. Gotta keep him handsome!

That sucks about your ankle. Hope it heals faster than they say!