Saturday, October 30, 2010

Noah's Fortune

My mother, who is currently living in Taiwan, went to a fortuneteller and inquired about Noah Maxx's fortune.

It's not a very uncommon practice in Chinese society to consult with a fortuneteller upon the birth of a new child to see what his or her life will be like and what to watch out for. In fact, I believe that everyone in my family, until the births of my cousins, had their fortunes told and their Chinese names made after some suggestions from the fortunetellers.

After my mom had consulted a fortuneteller in Taiwan, she sent the results to my sister, and then my sister sent it to me. It was a big piece of paper with some Chinese proverbs, various timeframes according to the Chinese timetable for times of the day, seasons, and years, and advices. My mom also wrote out a summary of what the fortuneteller had said about Noah Maxx. The fortuneteller used Noah Maxx's birth time and date as the basis for her predictions. I'm sorry that I'm really not all that well-versed in the ways of fortunetelling so I really could not offer further explanations.

Noah Maxx's fortune states that he has two brothers (possible, since his sperm donor had reported pregnancies prior to Noah Maxx), is easy to get along with, will be popular so we should watch out for friends who will lead him astray, he should not marry anyone six years younger or six years older than him (they're monkeys in the Chinese zodiac), he should not travel for more than 50 miles away from home in the first three years of his life (we've already violated that by driving to Ocean City, Md), he is best suited for work in the restaurant business, or as a entrepreneur, not suited for government work, he will get married at age 28, will be very close to his moms (good to know!), and will have two sons of his own. (That means that both the GF and I will not become grandparents until we are in our late 60's and early 70's... :-(

While I am not a huge believer in fortunetelling, I do think that it'll be great if at least one of the good things that was said about Noah Maxx's future will be true. I really do hope that my mom didn't spend a lot of money on the fortuneteller!

Speaking of my mom, we have not seen each other in a very long time. My sister and I are basically our grandparents' children. Now that our family is sort of fractured and scattered after my grandparents passing away, there's aunt and uncle who don't like each other (my aunt had seen Noah Maxx but not my uncle, who now lives in China as a very well paid oil company executive), and a very distant stepmother (she had not seen Noah Maxx yet, and I really don't know if she wants to), and lastly, my father who passed away back in 2008. That basically leaves my mother, who lives far away. The GF and I would like to bring her out here to visit with us so she can hang out with her grandson for a bit. It'll be costly but I think it'll be worth it.


Anonymous said...

When do you wanna to go Taiwan? I'd totally come with!

nerdstar said...

Are you my sister, anonymous?