Friday, October 15, 2010

Not Pre-Wired

This came up on FB, thought I'd write it here as well.

Nerdstar and I were talking last night about how much can we shield Noah from and for how long - not from anything in particular, but just in general. It's right up there on the top of hard things to do as a parent. Then I brought up the Duggars and how I think their kids are innocent but not ignorant. They seem like fun, rambunctious, intelligent kids, and I know they've been pretty sheltered in a lot of things. I know there are tons of Christian families out there like that, and non-Christian ones as well, who try to keep their kids from age inappropriate stuff as long as possible.

Then the mom was talking about having to teach each of the kids how to share. I thought that if it doesn't come naturally in a house full of that many kids, it just doesn't come naturally.

So back to last night's convo, we were talking about how babies/kids/humans are not pre-wired/hard wired to be Good. We have to be taught not to lie, how to share, and on and on.

I'm a Christian, and believe that man is fallen - and that he can be redeemed. It's just weird/interesting to see that played out in babies.


H2 said...

I definitely think that sharing, being nice, and respect are taught. I think that is clearly visible when you have more than one child (especially if they are close in age). My children are probably the opposite of sheltered I'd say. We talk about everything they're curious about: cemetaries, babies, killing, life, God, The Sound of Music, blah blah blah. They say "Yes, ma'am". They fall off playground equipment and I watch it happen, but I also try to keep them in a bubble. That bubble that says "You can be whatever you want!! Life is good and happy and full of possibility! And I will be there to hug and cuddle and kiss you at the end of every day no matter what!"

Either way, Noah has amazing moms and he is SOOO adorable.

Beth said...

I'm not worried about "tricky" topics like God or death or things like that. I guess it's more keeping him from age inappropriate tv or music, or even keeping him from video games as long as possible.

Yes, the most important thing we can do is make him feel loved and safe and that life is full of possibilities.