Friday, November 26, 2010

Old School Sesame Street

We're working on a dvd collection for Noah, in an attempt to avoid some of the more obnoxious fare on Nick, Jr. in our future. We bought the Old School Sesame Street dvd that has shows from the first few years. Due to our internet/cable being out for a couple of days we put in the dvd and watched the very first episode of Sesame Street. Way cool!!

There was a cartoon character that gave a disclaimer at the beginning that pretty much stumped us. He said that these dvds are for adults and that the old Sesame Street episodes are no longer for educational purposes for pre-schoolers. WTF?? How could that possible be true? Well, after watching two episodes we realized that the old episodes are totally subversive - I mean, there are children riding bikes without helmets, and actually running around having fun. God knows kids today can't be allowed to see such things - they might revolt!

So, we highly recommend these dvds!!

There was also a 20 minute program about how the show was started and the ideas behind it. Sesame is from the phase "open sesame".

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