Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Tip For Other Bad Moms

Sigh. We really suck at the fingernail cutting. I'd say at least half the time our poor, poor boy ends up bleeding at least a little. One day I really nicked it and, apparently, baby's blood doesn't clot very well, and it just kept bleeding. Two napkins later I remembered the little thing of Gorilla super glue and that there's this stuff called liquid bandaid and just went ahead and super glued the end of his little bleeding finger. And it worked.

We later bought some of the liquid bandaid stuff, called New-Skin. We had a chance to try it this morning. It didn't really work very well. It smells just like clear nail polish. I think nail polish would dry better. So, we just used the super glue again.

For little bleeding fingers I'd say use super glue, then clear nail polish, and then the liquid band aid.

Oh, and we're using these really cool baby nail cutters that have a l.e.d. light on the end and everything.


meridith said...

I hacked off a bit of RR once - at least I felt like it. I have no good solution either, except that my wife does it now, which results in nails I think are too long but peace of mind for her. Not one of our greater successes :)

Beth said...

We have to really try to keep his short. Because of his dry skin he tends to scratch his face and scalp.

Who knew fingernail trimming would be one of the harder parts of parenting?