Thursday, December 16, 2010

20 Weeks

I keep thinking about this time last year, and how much of it I spent wondering what this time this year would be like. Yes, I also think about how this time next year will be just a little more fun because our boy will be more aware of everything and will be mobile. For example, it's snowing for the first time since he's been born, but he's not really aware of it. I'm more content and happy than I even imagined.

I've also been thinking, "Wow, we have a baby boy around. And we get to keep him!" I still find that very cool.

Well, we were optimistic that starting solids would go well after that first attempt. Alas, not so much. We're not sure if homemade rice cereal just isn't very appealing (I'm sure it tastes like wet paper) or if he's not entirely ready to swallow stuff. We're avoiding the gagging and choking, but aren't sure any's making it to his tummy. This weekend we'll try a little avocado and see if it goes any better.

He's also lost interest in rolling over. I'm back to making him do tummy time. He does love the jumper we got him and I still think he'd rather just walk than roll around or crawl.

He's still the cutest, sweetest baby. He and I spend lots of time smiling and laughing at each other. And that's all right with me.


Sarah said...

In my experience, they can learn one skill and then concentrate on another skill and relapse in the first one. So maybe he's concentrating on learning something else and pushing rolling over to the back burner.

Mine found avocado a bit slimy in the beginning and it took her a while to warm to it (same for banana). So if he's not so sure about that, sweet potato is healthy and appealing...

Karol said...

Wow, I saw your "20 Weeks" link and I thought you guys were having another one (and were 20 weeks along)! :-)

Beth said...

Sarah - yeah, we're just being patient and going to keep trying until he eats well.

Karol - oh, God no. Just one for us!

D said...

RR thinks that rice cereal is the devil. Sweet potatoes, however, are finally getting a warm reception, after several tries... as in, she doesn't spit ALL of them out. I've resorted to actually listening to swallowing sounds to determine if she's ingested any. Good luck!

Beth said...

D - we're figuring it might be that his tongue still isn't all that ready. We put some avocado further back in his mouth and he managed to swallow more of it. We also put a tiny bit of cinnamon in the rice cereal, that might help a little. He'll figure it all out eventually.