Wednesday, December 1, 2010

4 Months

Little Noah had his four month check-up yesterday. He gets much more mad about being hungry than he does getting shots. He's in the 45% for height and 65% for weight, which is weird because he's actually long and skinny. Other than that he was declared "perfect".

He's ever so slowly moving beyond the "baby" stages. I'm still in no hurry and love watching his little changes every day. Although, we have told him that his life gets exponentially better once he can sit up - then he can eat real food and will enjoy bath time even more.

He really seems to be a happy kid. He doesn't melt down when frustrated. And he can focus and concentrate very well. He also seems to love live music, so it really sucks we can't sing and play guitar for him. It's also too bad we're not still in Austin with all the live music there.

I have a completely over-active brain, so I spend a lot of time thinking about how we got so lucky he's such a good baby. We both agree that we can't take any credit for it until he's older. But we do thank God on a regular basis. The problem is that with any ideas on why a particular kid is so good, you run into the "then why are some kids not so good" stuff - and no way am I going there!

The only problem he has is his eczema. Nerdstar has it, so he got it from her. We tried soy formula for almost two weeks now and it didn't make any difference, so it's not likely to be allergy related. Right now he's got 3 prescriptions, 2 kinds of lotion, and butt paste for general skin stuff. We're not clear on how you use an antibiotic cream twice a day, a steroid cream twice a day, and keep his face moisturized. Thankfully, we're not using the antibiotic much. The upside is that other than when his scalp gets dry and itchy, his skin problems don't bother him at all.

I'll try to post some pics later.

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Trish said...

RE: eczema - read this book Allegies: Diseases in Diguise by Carolyn Bateson-Koch. And this book Is This Your Child by Dr. Doris Rapp MD. I'm a holistic nutritionist and can tell you with certainty that his skin issues are digestive in nature. Nerdstar's too. Easy to manage but you need to do some research. Traditional docs don't get nutrition so don't rely on them to give you the answers. good luck.